How to Design a Transcendent Experience?

Friday, January 28th, 2022

How to Design a Transcendent Experience

You have probably heard your colleagues talking about businesses who create transcendent experiences. Maybe you wonder what exactly this vague term entails or maybe you understand the concept, but it sounds expensive. In this article, we want to show you how designing a transcendent experience can be a simple and inexpensive way for your company to grow into its full potential.

Transcendent business experiences, simply put, are interactions that customers or employees have with a business that elicit a positive emotional reaction. These transcendent experiences are a powerful marketing tool and they can also increase employee loyalty. Designing transcendent experiences for your customers and employees is generally inexpensive, but the impacts they can have on branding and company culture are huge. Without further ado, here are four ways to give your customers transcendent experiences, followed by four ways to give your employees transcendent experiences.

Customer Experience

Transcendent experiences for customers are created through careful design. By reconsidering your company design and branding in these four ways, you can keep your customers loyal and happy.

Simplify the Ordering Process

Online shopping is a bit of a chore. Whether your customers are purchasing business supplies in bulk or individual shirts, in order to create a transcendent ordering experience for your customers, your company needs to simplify the ordering process. Reward repeat customers by giving them accounts that are easy to sign up for and manage. Make sure that the visuals of the ordering page are no more complicated than they need to be.

Incorporate Style and Beauty into the Customer Experience

Beauty is important not only in the ordering process, but also in the entire customer interaction. Ship your products in boxes that the customer will like and want to reuse. Create fun quizzes on your website to help your customer choose the product that is right for them. And through it all, make sure that the design of the customer experience is consistent with the branding of your company.

Streamline Customer Service

Customers will always have questions. Make sure that your customers do not feel punished for their curiosity. Make your customer service team available in a quick, fun, and easy way. Make sure customers do not have to search your whole web page for a phone number only to wait on hold for hours. If you do not have the customer service personnel to field questions, consider automating the process with a fun chat bot.

Make Your Web Presence Fun

Social media has become an essential part of customer-company interactions. While some companies post bland boiler-plate content about upcoming promotions, others take social media as an opportunity to introduce customers to the personality of their company. Companies who go the extra mile on social media create transcendent customer experiences and develop lasting brand loyalty.

Employee Experience or EX

When your company starts thinking about creating transcendent experiences, it is important that they don’t stop thinking at the customer. Creating transcendent experiences for employees is a fantastic way to retain employees and create a healthy company culture.

Upskilling Opportunities

Employees need to be challenged, not burdened. Think of ways that you can help your employees avoid menial tasks and increase their skills. Are there tasks you could automate so that employees can focus on the bigger picture? Are there trainings that you could provide to employees to help them grow?

Appreciating and Managing Company Talent

Employees are most likely to remain at a company if they feel that their talent is appreciated. While bonuses and praise help, the most significant way you can appreciate employee talent is considering internal hires for every position. If employees know that their hard work could be rewarded with a fantastic job offer, they will be much more likely to put their all into the company.

Accommodate Diverse Schedules and Work Styles

By accommodating for different schedules, you will allow employees to stay with your company even as their lives change drastically. Allowing new parents to cut back their hours or work from home means that you can keep valuable institutional knowledge and you will build employee trust.

Make the Workplace a Haven For All Employees

Another important step that many employers are taking to create a transcendent work experience for their employees is taking concrete steps to ensure that their company is diverse, equitable and inclusive to all employees. By committing to supporting employees with marginalized identities, your company can feel like a safe space that is a haven from the challenges that these employees face in their daily lives.

In summary, designing a transcendent experience for your employees and customers is not only affordable, it is also easier than you might expect. These experiences will help your company gain a reputation as a place that is safe and fun.

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