If You Want Killer SEO You Can’t Stop At Keywords

Monday, May 24, 2021

If You Want Killer SEO You Can't Stop At Keywords

As we leave the globe gripping pandemic, brands large and small are looking to refresh how they approach digital marketing. This means investing in advanced content marketing for small to medium-sized businesses, paid advertising on multiple platforms, and redesigning their website to improve their organic reach.

One of the newest fears for brands today is looking bad for the wrong audience. Reputation management isn’t a new concept but can yield devastating results if not performed correctly. We’re all spending more time on social media platforms, and those websites are changing how they do things. They’re more careful when approving content and thinking ahead when it comes to data management. Two significant concerns here are user privacy and data analytics. Facebook, for example, is guarding its user data very closely. You’ll find less information will be shared with you as you market on their platforms, and if you want to engage, interact, publish, and run ads… you’ll need to do it all on their ecosystem. In the digital age, user data and behavior is valuable. Social media sites aren’t just going to give it away.

“Your website is the core of your online presence. Getting your users to land and stay there depends on your User Experience (UX).”

This means your website is the core of your online presence once again. You’ll want your users landing there first, and to stay there. Ultimately, you’ll need to improve and maintain your SEO constantly. Search Engine Optimization can be boiled down to making your website attractive, easy to use, and a host of super valuable content. At the minimum, every page will need to pass Google’s E.A.T. (Educational, Authoritative, and Trustworthy).

Keyword “stuffing” has been long since devalued and will now hurt your website in search. However, even the impact of relevant and keyword-focused content marketing is expected to take a hit. The entire experience your website visitors have (not just the content) will now impact your SEO. User experience (UX) will now have a significant role in your digital marketing strategy. Read more about this trend here.

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