Is It Time To Redesign Your Website?

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Is It Time To Redesign Your Website?

When was the last time you refreshed your company website’s design? If the answer is more than a couple years, then it’s time to consider a refresh for your headquarters on the web.

In today’s tech-centric world, your identity on the web is an absolutely essential element of your company identity. Yet many businesses have been using the same old tired website design for the past decade or even longer.

So what does your old, outdated company website say about you? Does it give visitors an impression that you’re a tech-friendly, forward-thinking company that’s committed to quality and customer satisfaction? If you don’t care enough about your company’s image to keep your site fresh and current, will you care enough to see to it that your clients enjoy top quality service?

Let’s say you last updated your company website five years ago. Are your company goals and objectives the same today as they were half a decade ago? Are you still offering the same products and services that you were offering back then? Chances are, your company and your clients or customers have changed quite a bit in this short period of time. In fact, the way in which people use the web today is very different from the way in which they interacted and used the web just a few years ago. Therefore, your website should reflect these changes in a manner that enables you to connect with your target audience in an effective, meaningful way.

Many older websites also lack full mobile compatibility. But roughly a third of web browsing worldwide occurs on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and that figure is steadily increasing. Therefore, a mobile-friendly site design is essential.

The same goes for social media. Social media is hugely influential in today’s world, so you need to ensure that your website allows for easy social media integration in order to maximize the potential benefit from your presence on social media.

Updating your website also provides you with a competitive edge. There’s a good chance that your primary competitors have updated their sites within the past few years, so by updating your site, it shows your consumers and clients that you’re committed to remaining at the leading edge when it comes to positive change, evolution and improvement.

What’s more, redesigning and re-developing your website will provide you with an SEO advantage. Google and other search engines favor websites that feature a fresh, new design. What’s more, many of the traits and features that were considered SEO-friendly a few years ago are no longer beneficial. So by updating the design and content, you’ll potentially enjoy a major boost in search engine performance.

There are lots of benefits to refreshing your website with a fresh, current design and compelling, engaging content. If you’re ready to redesign your website, turn to the experts here at Matcha Design! We’re specialists in web design and development, including mobile-friendly web design projects.

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