Maintaining a Balanced Social Media Portfolio

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Maintaining a Balanced Social Media Portfolio

Companies trying to get their products in the public eye are confronted with a seemingly endless conglomeration of social platforms which are constantly gaining and losing users. Modern marketers must remain on top of trends to a level never seen before. Where old-school marketers might have conducted demographic surveys once every year or two, now Internet demographics are considered old data after only a couple of months.

Technology is also complicating the marketing scene by introducing new methods for users to view content. The meteoric rise of Internet-connected smartphones in the U.S. has eroded nearly every other marketing outlet, from computers to television to print media. As new tech gains popularity, new social media networks appear which take advantage of that technology’s unique features.

This stormy environment can be difficult to navigate, and sometimes companies wonder where best to spend their marketing budget. In these cases, it can help to think in terms similar to the stock market: you’re not just spending money marketing a company or product, but also balancing a portfolio of marketing channels to find the greatest return on investment for your money, time and effort. In this case, though, the RoI is measured in customer engagement and contacts, not direct financial returns.

Once we begin thinking of social media as a marketplace, then the wisdom of the stock market becomes a handy tool to analyze the various media outlets and rank them according to your own personalized strategy.

The Steady Performers

These social media platforms are everywhere, and everyone is connected to them. They’re generally considered good bets, but because they’re thought of as good bets, everybody is already using them for advertising. While it doesn’t hurt for any company to have a presence on these platforms, smaller companies can become lost in the shuffle. You’ll have to put some real thought into your media strategy if you want to stand out from the crowd. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

The Scrappy Contenders

Where there is a successful media platform, you can usually find half a dozen channels with big dreams of knocking the market leader off its high horse. Many will market themselves to a particular group to create a more tight-knit, like-minded community. Sometimes these secondary markets can be unexpected treasure troves of potential customers. Keep an eye on their demographics over time, and if they start trending your way, by all means jump in. Examples: Google+, Bing, Tumblr.

The Perfect Targets

These are media outlets which are perfectly suited to your campaign; for instance, a web forum dedicated to your exact customer demographic. It can be tempting to go straight for these at the exclusion of all else, but be aware that, once you’ve saturated this channel, that’s it; you’re not likely to pick up many more customers and your new customer numbers will drop off dramatically. Also, large companies may not get much benefit from marketing to relatively small communities like these. In the short term, though, this is a solid piece of a smaller company’s portfolio.

The Longshots

Markets which don’t cater to your usual demographic and probably never will. Avoid these channels unless your previous marketing efforts have completely tapped out, and then only if you have money to spare.

In marketing, just like the stock market, it can be disastrous to keep all your eggs in one basket. We at Matcha Design understand the importance of keeping up with the latest trends in social media, and have many years of solid marketing experience to make sense of it all. We would be happy to help you build your well-balanced social media portfolio and, as a result, build your business.

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