Nonprofits: Finding a Design Agency

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Nonprofits: Finding a Design Agency

Having relevant design communications is pivotal in any industry; however, in light of budgetary and manpower obstacles many times nonprofit organizations lack the creative luster for-profit agencies can obtain.

To overcome these obstacles, nonprofit agencies resort to student work, inexperienced staff attempts, or volunteers with amateur design knowledge. In some cases, a staff member is dedicated to communications, but due to project demands in the nonprofit arena, they lack the time or mental energy to pursue and nurture creative design strategy.

After all avenues are exhausted, usually a nonprofit considers hiring a professional design firm to supplement creative projects. Granted, nonprofits can occasionally secure in-kind work from a design agency when there is an extended benefit available to the firm, but this opportunity is not always achievable.

Professional design firms can offer several benefits, including cutting edge knowledge and creative inspiration, but finding a design agency that fits your needs is not about selecting the lowest bid. It’s about creating a team that believes in your vision and is bold enough join you at the front lines of your mission.

When considering a professional design firm, look for the following agency characteristics:

  1. Appreciates your organization’s mission.
  2. Asks questions to understand your design needs.
  3. Properly educates you on the design options.
  4. Tells you the truth when a creative idea needs improvement or is ineffective.
  5. Comprehends your current needs all the while understanding how it transfers into the future.
  6. Understands how creative design strategy and messaging impacts stakeholders and donor support.
  7. Believes that trends do not always communicate your message effectively.
  8. Continues to communicate with you even after the project is finished.

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