Our Approach to Designing a Logo

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Our Approach to Designing a Logo

Our goal is to create an image that will instantly reflect a company’s values, which requires careful attention. All research must be conducted thoroughly, and it’s paramount that design decisions be made in an unbiased way — especially given the current environment of political and social unrest. Many organizations are taking steps to separate themselves from political conversations, showcasing their brands in a neutral and uncompromising ways.

The difference between a good logo and a great one is how it stands the test of time. It must transcend the trends, establish a connection, and communicate with an audience for the long haul.

Another point to consider is the arena that the brand must work in. Local, regional, national, and global brands don’t always face the same difficulties.

An international brand may require many variations of their logo to accommodate for different regions, applications, or arms of their organization. Certain cultural beliefs or copyright issues can create the need for further variation in specific territories.

By taking all of this in mind, and acting consciously with the design, we can express the underlying values and reputation of a company across multiple markets.

Update Your Brand Identity

Updating your company’s logo allows you to gain all of the benefits of a new design, while maintaining your organization’s DNA and customer recognition. When updating a brand identity, it’s important to understand what should be retained, refined, and what needs to be replaced.

The following is an example of one of our Brand Identity Update projects. Communication is key, and our client felt their multicolored design didn’t portray their unique corporate feel.

We dove deep into the design with the aim to create something that was future proof, but also fully reflected their identity. No aspect was overlooked, and this lead directly to our success.

AVOXI Logo Redesign Process by Matcha Design

Reinvent for the Future

Reinventing your company’s logo can help put your best foot forward as you grow and develop. While still embracing the customers that helped you get where you are, clients who look for a redesign are also thinking about how to draw in new business.

Below, you can see that after five years our efforts helped to establish ECO Dentworks as a widely recognized business, whose logo is synonymous with their reputation.

eco Dentworks Logo Redesign Process by Matcha Design

A Designer’s Work is Never Done

  1. Discover
  2. Define
  3. Decide
  4. Deliver
  5. Done?

After a lot of research and empathy, you can grasp the best way to portray a client’s value proposition in a way that best expresses their ideology. Developing the style, form, color, fonts, and layout of the work can only come after all that study and understanding is complete. Certainly, delivering the final product appears to naturally be the last step, but is a designer really ever done?

Maybe it’s done for now. Our point of view is based on this — industrial climates change with the times and are constantly evolving.

As designers, we feel it’s our duty to answer the call and meet the demands of our clients; be that variations in format, revisions, implementation, and any further updates or refinement needs.

When the goal is to create something that sparks intrigue and interest at a glance, adaptability and a fluent understanding of the market are your most valuable assets.

About Matcha Design

Matcha Design is a full-service creative B2B agency with decades of experience executing its client’s visions. The award-winning company specializes in web design, logo design, branding, marketing campaign, print, UX/UI, video production, commercial photography, advertising, and more. Matcha Design upholds the highest personal standards for excellence and can see things from a unique perspective due to its multicultural background.  The company consistently delivers custom, high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients using technical savvy and endless creativity. For more information, visit MatchaDesign.com.

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