Power Of Using Humor In Marketing And Advertising

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Power Of Using Humor In Marketing And Advertising

Looking for a way to engage your customers in an impactful way? Well, it doesn’t always take a big budget ad campaign to grab your audience’s attention. Sometimes, it’s a well-timed joke that could make all the difference in having your message resonate.

So with humor being such a strong building block for any effective campaign, how do you define what is funny? Comedy is largely subjective. Obviously, what’s funny to an 18-year old might not appeal to a baby boomer. So knowing your audience is essential to having your message received in the way that is intended.

Have you been told that you have a good sense of humor throughout your life? Do you find that things are easier to understand when they are described in a humorous way? Humor helps us appreciate the good times and smile through the bad times. Humor is a good memory tool. It is part of who we are as humans.

Perhaps you enjoy a good joke every now and then, or you find yourself seeing the funny side of things. Did you ever think that you could use humor to make money? Many people use humor as a marketing tool to make money, and not just stand-up comedians and television writers.

If you are an exceptional observer and commentator, if you spend time analyzing jokes and why they are funny, if you want to spend many years working hard to make it, then you very well may have what it takes to be a successful stand-up comedian. For most of us, however, getting on stage and speaking in front of people is not something we want to do. Some people are terrified of speaking in front of a group; it’s the number one phobia world-wide.

There are many other ways to make a good living using humor. Try to think of commercials that are particularly effective. Chances are the commercials you thought about were funny. This is because a good joke is memorable. Advertisers have understood this for decades.

Behind every great funny commercial, there is an ad writer. The ability to find the funny side of things is a hot commodity in the advertising business. Talented ad writers make a good living. Even in political campaigns, humor is used to make a point, or get folks to pay attention to a person or issue.

Humor is one of the most powerful forms of persuasion. For centuries, humor has been an effective way to sway people’s emotions or opinions. If you have a good sense of humor, you could even be a public relations representative for a firm or celebrity.

The ability to make people laugh helps them to see you or your company as approachable and friendly. This is why humor is such a powerful tool to persuade people. It’s also why most speeches begin with a funny anecdote or joke. It “warms up” the audience.

Every year, funny books, stories, and memoirs reach the top of the bestseller lists. This is another way to make money with your sense of humor. Some of the most famous and popular columns in national newspapers are based on humorous observations of everyday life.

Do you run some kind of business? Try using a little humor in your marketing plan with your print, television, and online advertisements. Do not be so “professional” that you never smile at your customers. Chances are that you have a competitor in your area. Give your customers a unique and pleasant experience and you’ll have the edge on your competition.

Humor unites people. Humor persuades. It helps us through tough situations. It makes pleasant situations more enjoyable. For these reasons, and many others, humor will never go out of style and will always be in demand. Why not capitalize on this demand and make a little extra profit by making people laugh?

Using cartoons can help brand your marketing and drive home important messages. Although surprisingly inexpensive to acquire, humor can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Humor puts your readers at ease. Readers appreciate a touch of humor in an otherwise overly serious world. Humor operates on an emotional level, driving home your message in a far more memorable way than words alone. Humor makes sensitive topics more approachable while summarizing and reinforcing points that would otherwise be lost.

Different types of humor work best in different contexts. Many speakers begin with a joke to put the audience at ease, or a story about ‘a funny thing that happened on the way to the meeting.’

But jokes and stories are less appropriate for written communications. Jokes can be misinterpreted and depend on delivery and timing for their effectiveness.

Stories Can Take Too Long To Tell

Cartoons are perfect for print communications. Readers who typically check them out before reading the adjacent articles appreciate cartoons. More important, cartoons communicate at a glance. A cartoon can attract your reader’s attention and drive home an important point in a memorable way.

The editorial page of any newspaper shows how effective humor can be in simplifying complex subjects and driving home a point of view. Humor also adds a visual dimension to your marketing, differentiating your message from your competitor’s. Cartoons encourage readers to look at topics they might otherwise skip.

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