Successful Entrepreneurs – How To Find Uniqueness And Your Niche

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Successful Entrepreneurs – How To Find Uniqueness And Your Niche

Becoming a successful entrepreneur, in most cases, does not happen overnight. It takes time, effort, patience and motivation. Furthermore, it takes certain tools that apply to any business, online, big, small or otherwise. Read on to discover these four tools that any successful entrepreneur must possess.

First and foremost, you need an idea.

This could be a product, a service, a website design, anything. And, you need a business plan to bring this idea alive. Without a business plan, it is very hard to implement anything that may come about.

Second, you need a niche market and a target audience.

In order to find your niche market you will most likely need to conduct research. Scope out the competition, ask people, conduct surveys. Then, find the proper marketing tactics to reach this target audience in the most effective manner. This could include the internet, or the classifieds, radio, television or even simply delivering flyers.

Third, you will need a payment plan.

This could be as simple as a PayPal account or a complete cash machine and credit card machine. Weigh your options and always receive several quotes before committing to any one system. Many online companies can offer cheap alternatives to the standard cash machine.

Finally, and most importantly, you will need a great customer service plan.

Your customers are vital to your success to keep them happy with over-delivering, bonus incentives and excellent customer service all the time.

Finding Your Niche

That unique information that identifies your business, organization, product or services is what is known as your “niche”. Your niche helps to classify your business, organization, product or service as belonging to that group. For example, if your organization/business is into buying and selling of houses and other services that help people acquire landed properties. Then, your organization/business can be classified as being under the real estate niche. Consequently, your website should carry information that is related to the real estate industry (your niche).

Once you have found your niche and put up a website; the main task will be how to optimize your site so that it can be “seen” easily whenever a search is done online for a niche that you belong to; for example, the real estate niche. In other words, making sure that your site is among the top 5 search results that are presented to a user whenever a search is done online for information on real estate related issues.

The steps to take in order to achieve this “online visibility” within your niche are: Research keywords, Get optimization advice, edit your web pages for search engines.

Now, let’s examine them one after another.

1. Research keywords

Before you get to optimizing your website and promoting it on the Web, you should first select relevant search terms that will reach your target audience.

In other words, you are supposed to pinpoint your Keyword Niche. It should be large enough to draw good visitor traffic, yet ‘narrow’ and specific enough to let you overplay your competitors and get to the top on the search engines.

  • Tip1: Spy on your competition to get suggestions on the keywords related to your business, and build a list of the keywords you might be using for optimization.
  • Tip 2: Narrow the keyword list by removing the terms that are not searched often enough or turn to be too much competitive.
  • Tip 3: Get an idea of your potential keyword niche by studying your rivals that compete for your keywords at different search engines, both major and local ones.
  • Tip 4: Analyze your competition thoroughly to weight your chances of being top-ranked for the chosen keywords/phrases.

2. Get optimization advice

Use the following FAQs to get some good advice for your site, how many keywords shall I use to optimize one page? I recommend using two or three key phrases at most. Targeting too many keywords will make a page less focused and search engines will not rank it as highly as you want.

What are all these things like frequency, weight etc.? Do they matter? Keyword prominence, frequency, and weight are measures used by search engines to check a keyword’s importance against all other words in a specific area of the page.

You should first check if the search engines have already picked up your home page and included it in their indexes. Enter a snippet of text that is unique for the page in the search box. If the search engine finds your page but your rankings for this keyword remain low, you should first see how competitive your keyword is. If the competition is too strong, the best thing to do is use a less competitive keyword.

3. Edit your web pages for search engines

Apply recommendations stated above and any other changes that in your opinion will improve your search engine rankings. Upload changes you have done to your servers, then begin submitting them to the most important search engines worldwide. Your pages are now ready for getting indexed and ranked by search engines.

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