The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Strategy

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Social Media Strategy

Social Media Networking is The Key

Having active posts and tweets on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is the core of many businesses daily social media strategy but many might not know. The impact of social media to business is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. It is important to build relationships that will benefit you over time.

You sign up to one of the sites and invite people you know to sign up as well. Those people you know invite their contacts to join, who in turn invite their contacts as well, and this process repeats itself for each person. You can make contact with anyone you are connected with, to any of the people that person is connected to, and the list goes on. To expand your business and social contacts, you need to make connections through individuals. While the use of social media for businesses has been around for a while now, the potential and opportunities provided by these social media to promote connection should be fully recognized, utilized and exploited.

To Use Social Media: Online Networking

Social Networking is an online experience which offers discussion groups, chat rooms, and news groups. This a great place where individuals share common space and interests or promote ideas, experiences, and insights. People can talk and connect with others, as well as make new friends or just have someone to talk with.

Here comes – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Facebook and Twitter, the giants of social media provides different social media marketing strategies. Facebook is viewed as more of an individual networking site because it promotes the reconnecting of old friends, college mates and former colleagues.  You can also utilize the features of Facebook to expand your network and stir up your business interests as well.


Blogs are a part of social networking and are linked via the RSS on Facebook pages so your friends and those within your personal network will have access to the blog posts on your homepage.


Twitter isn’t as personal as Facebook. It is a micro-blogging site with a limited post of 140 characters. Twitter enables users to build numerous networks of followers within a short time period.

What makes twitter works is the fact that you can follow others and be followed as well. You can start by following people or use the twitter’s “search “ to check out tweets that are similar to your business, interest or expertise you love to get involved in.


LinkedIn is mostly used by a business pro with similar interest and activities. LinkedIn allows you to post your resume, give and receive personal and professional recommendations. This is yet another great way to utilize social media in business.

Are You Ready?

For all these to work, you need to develop an effective social media marketing strategy that will incorporate all these. It is important for you to work on them as nothing on that list should be ignored. Make sure you constantly monitor and tweak your plan, if and when needed. Do you want to be successful in your business online? Why not try out these social media marketing tools?

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