The Difference Between Experienced Designers and Rookies

Monday, April 1st, 2024

The Difference Between Experienced Designers and Rookies

Everyone’s gotta somewhere, right? Here at Matcha Design, we’re aware of that, and we’re endlessly grateful to have gotten our start. That said, there are a lot of benefits to choosing experienced designers over newbies.

Pitfalls of “Trendy and Hip”

Technology is always changing. It’s important for all designers to keep learning, keep growing, and adapt to the changes in our world! But let’s not equate a growth mindset with youth.

There are plenty of older designers who are still seeking the adventure of new information and young designers who are stuck in their ways.

Design customers tend to associate younger designers with being more trendy, hip, or cutting edge. The problem is that “trendy and hip” is a terrible design goal.

Many young designers fall into the trap of:

  • Designing for aesthetics
  • Making something that looks really cool
  • Missing the mark with designs that don’t appeal to the end user

Young designers want to hear “WOW!” when people see their designs – but great design is communicative, logical, and timeless.

Great design makes an impact – or tells a story – to the audience it was intended for. It doesn’t appeal to everyone, and it doesn’t look like a fancy piece of artwork.

Another think to consider is time. How long does it take you to learn a new skill? To work with a piece of software you’re less than familiar with? The learning curve is huge! It takes toddlers months of falling on their butts before they can walk.

We’re not saying that new designers are toddlers – but we are saying that we’ve already fallen on our butts enough times to know how to walk.

What Are Your Project Goals?

Every project is different, so your project goals are important to consider. As we said before, the vision or goals of your project can get lost in the name of designing something cool instead of designing something that’s relevant to the target audience.

Every project also requires different levels of expertise and therefore, different budgets. For most designers, creating a business card isn’t rocket science – but a comprehensive website redesign might take some doing! “You wouldn’t use a butcher knife to cut a piece of paper,” Matcha Design founder Chris Lo says.

Is Experience Worth the Wait?

Some corporations are willing to wait months or years, just to have their favorite designer work on a project. That’s right – swanky restaurants aren’t the only places that have long wait lists!

What do you think – is experience worth the wait, or do they know something you don’t?

We’re biased, but we totally think experience is worth the wait. Don’t worry – we’ll tell you why in the next section!

Benefits of Hiring a Seasoned Designer

Here are some of the biggest benefits of hiring a seasoned designer:

  • Impact. Designs from older or experienced designers are high-impact.
  • ROI. Get a cheap design from a young designer, or get it done right the first time?
  • Longevity. Trendy designs are just that – trendy. Yours should stand the test of time.
  • Work ethic. Older generations tend to work harder than younger generations.
  • Networks. Need a recommendation? We know someone. Younger designers haven’t developed their networks yet.
  • Accessibility. We’re thoughtful about what makes a website hard to read or navigate.
  • Problem-solving. Seasoned designers had more time to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Communication/listening. The older people get, the better they are at listening. Listening is an integral part of communication.
  • Focus/staying on target. Experienced designers don’t let new trends distract them.
  • UI. The user experience is the end goal for designers who’ve seen some stuff.
  • A model of success. Older designers know what a successful project looks like.
  • Dedicated and reliable. Decades-long designers have proved themselves.
  • Organizational skills. With experience comes some of the not-so-fun aspects, like forgetting things. We build systems into place to keep things more organized.
  • Management and mentoring skills. We want to pass our knowledge on to the next generation, and love finding passionate designers who remind us of our younger selves.

Work with an Experienced Designer

Did you know that Chris Lo, our founder, has been a designer since 1989? He worked his way up from a mail boy/junior artist in Hong Kong to become the highly sought-after award-winning designer he is today… but it took a lot of learning, problem solving, and bumps in the road to get here.

Working with an experienced designer who’s seen it all allows you to avoid costly mistakes and get your project done correctly the first time. Want to learn more? Book a call with us today!

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