What Makes A Great Logo?

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

What Makes A Great Logo

Plus Three Things a Great Logo Can Do For You

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-crafted logo is worth a million. Logos are usually the first chance your company has to make an impression on a customer, which means that a strong logo can literally be the difference between a prospect and a customer.

When you take a moment and think about some of the best logos, I’m sure that a few immediately come to mind. That being said, sometimes it is difficult to tell what made these iconic logos iconic. Therefore, we will be going over the four things that make a good logo great.

Great Logos Are Simple

Often, when a company comes to a design team to ask for a logo, the company has many ideas in mind. They often have six possible colors, two fonts, and ten images that they would like incorporated into their design. The most important job of the design team is to edit this list and find the most impactful color, image, and font.

As they edit, it is important for them to pick design elements that represent the client well but are also pleasing to the eye. A good logo should be easy to replicate, and recognizable from far away, which makes simple logos some of the strongest.

Great Logos Are Adaptable

Although you want your logo to be simple, you also want to make sure it will look good in many different sizes, on many different backgrounds, and in many different contexts. This means that your logo needs to be adaptable.

A good adaptable logo can be made simpler or more complex to suit the context, without becoming less recognizable. It should also be recognizable even if the text elements are removed.

Great Logos Tell a Story

Even though a great logo needs to be simple, it also needs to be emotionally impactful. Every logo tells a story, whether that story is simple or complex. For example, the iconic Coca-Cola logo tells the story of its long history with its elegant cursive font.

Great Logos Use Color Wisely

When a graphic design team creates a logo, they think a lot about which colors will represent the business best. This is because people have natural emotional associations with certain colors. For example, most people associate the color red with intensity and passion, while they feel that blue is calm and businesslike.

When creating a logo and thinking about how to tell the company’s story, color can be a great starting point because it can invoke certain emotions without making the logo more cluttered.

What Can a Great Logo Do For You?

We all know that a great logo is a classy and fun way to represent your business. But does it really make much of a difference when it comes to the company’s bottom line?

The answer is: yes!

A good logo can drive sales while a bad logo can hurt your bottom line. For example, when Kraft rebranded in 2009, many customers were confused by the rebrand, and the whole project hurt sales until they changed their logo back to the classic Kraft logo that everyone had come to trust.

With that in mind, here are three things that a great logo can do for your business.

A Great Logo Reinforces Brand Identity

A great logo shows your customers who you are as a company. Are you silly? Serious? Friendly? A good logo design with the right colors, font, and imagery can emphasize any of these traits.

A Timeless Logo Designs Evoke Nostalgia

A great logo will serve you well year after year until your business becomes a fixture within the community and your logo evokes nostalgia. Although some companies like to rebrand frequently to keep their look “fresh,” others stick with their tried and true logo because the customers trust it. The choice is yours whether to completely rebrand, slightly tweak your logo or simply change your background to keep your products current.

A Clear Logo Catches Customer Attention

A clear, simple logo is essential for catching customer attention. When you are thinking about how your logo can draw maximum attention, a logo that is easy to digest will draw the most customers. You don’t want your customers thinking “what is that?” You want them thinking “I want that!”

How To Get a Great Logo

When you decide that your brand needs a great logo, you will realize that there are many graphic design teams who would love to design your logo. But how do you choose the right graphic designer?

We suggest that you find a reputable and experienced graphic designer who is interested in collaborating with you on the design. The best logo designers listen to their client’s stories and incorporate client feedback and ideas into the design.

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