The Logo Designer’s Cheat Sheet

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

The Logo Designer’s Cheat Sheet

Logo design is the graphic designer’s bread and butter, yet it’s also one of the most challenging aspects of the field, with a lot of pitfalls built in. Even experienced designers can stumble badly when designing a company logo. But it can be complicated. Over time, we at Matcha Design have created enough company logos to have picked up a few useful tips. We present them here as a sort of “cheat sheet” for the aspiring designer to use (or ignore) as they will.

Keep It Simple

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Less means more?” It’s definitely true in the world of having a strong corporate identity and logo. Use 2-3 colors at most, and don’t have a “zillion” components or design elements to a logo. You should be able to shrink the logo design down to the size of a nickel or enlarge it to poster size and still be able to tell what it is and read the text. Keeping this in mind will help make the logo easy to place on just about any marketing product, wearable item or printed piece.

Represent the Company

Make sure the logo design represents the company’s industry well. Sometimes it takes a little imagination to get this part done, which is where a great graphic artist can shine. A good technique to use is to ask the client for three words and/or three pictures that represent exactly what your company does. That way the all-around look you are going for can be translated.

Mirror the Company’s Values

This is extremely important for every company when developing the business’ motto and practices, but it will also dictate elements of the logo design. The values of a company provide good direction and sources of inspiration for a logo.

Target the Audience

Who are the company’s clients? What kind of people are they and what would appeal to them? These are things a graphic artist needs to take into account so that the logo design and corporate identity appeal to the target audience. For example, having a rock-and-roll themed logo for a law firm would probably not be a good idea because their target audience is not rocking teenagers, but working adults, professionals, etc. Having a strong professional logo would probably add credibility to their practice. All these things are imperative to notice when thinking of logo design and branding standards.

Look to the Future

Keep in mind that once a logo is complete, it will then set the standard for all of the company’s branding. It will be the compass that will point the way when they get into advertising, website design, Internet marketing and print design for their company, which are all key elements when marketing a business.

Do you have any additional tips or tricks concerning logo design? Let us know.

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