The Practical Ways To Market Your Service Business

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Digital Presence

It is critical for every evolving business team to spend time to think about how to market in efficient, low-cost ways, as it is can be so challenging to build a long-term sustainable business on the basis of paid marketing.  Here are a few practical ways we have seen successful companies go about their service business marketing on a low/no budgeting.

Focus On The Customer Experience

This is typically my first answer to many questions.  The fact is that if you build an outstanding service or useful product for people, they will talk and others will come.  In fact, this is single handedly one of the best way to build viral leverage into your model.  Get close with your core user base, learn from their actions and feedback, and try to improve on the experience you’re delivering every time.  There is always a room for improvement

Cross Promotions/Exposure

Set apart your target user bases and take time to research and brainstorm places where they congregate – not just online but also offline.  Reflect on the strategies you can use to introduce your site into their community.

Are your targets parents? You can promote via after-school programs, local businesses addressing kids, and pediatrician offices, among several other places. This can be as low as starting something simply as providing literature about your site at these locations. Most businesses and people are interested in a continuous engagement of their audiences via content, so make sure you are always there to give them something to talk about.

Content Strategies

Yes! try and establish your brand as a subject-matter expert.  Can you identify your customer’s platforms and offer a relevant and an authenticity point-of-view through added content? For instance, if you’re a social network focused on web design and development, think about other popular sites or places where your target audience visits to educate themselves on that topic.  You can visit those places with an approach to author a weekly “experts” column, which should be something related to the experience they are already delivering to their users, while you also promote your community.

Again, every businesses wants to enhance their own customer experience, so contributing supplemental material to them isn’t just a great idea but also a win-win situation.

Media Exposure

Good old-fashioned media exposures are still relevant.  Sit down, craft a business and consumer story for your company and distribute them to relevant.  These days, there is a lot of noise out there, so be sharp about your angle and think about why someone would care to read or publish your article. Give them something authentic, personal, and noteworthy to dig into.  If you can’t attract top-tier press, that’s okay. You can start with blogs and later on build a base of support and move on from there.

Incurring these tips into your marketing strategy will see your newly less monetized business boom in no time. You can check out more tips at our Blog.

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