What is Your Identity Design Worth?

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

What is Your Identity Design Worth?

Is your company’s identity design worth the investment? That depends on what a good first impression is worth to you. A first impression is a one-shot deal, but for a lot of businesses, identity design is an afterthought. You can make the argument that many successful businesses have a minimal marketing budget, let alone any sort of focus on design. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that a well-designed corporate identity doesn’t give you a big boost in the market.

Logos, images and color reinforce memory by providing a visual “imprint” for customers. Providing visual cues for memory has proven to be vital not only in branding and marketing, but in learning just about anything. The benefits of well-designed logos and other visual elements are obvious once the business owner begins to see how branding can effectively make more money and improve their reputation.

Aspects of a good identity design

While there isn’t a rulebook for what makes the perfect logo or visual identity, there are a few things the best of them have in common.

  1. It communicates the right message and differentiates your business from your peers. Consider the general tone of your business. Is your identity design serious when it should be fun, haphazard when it should be polished? Use your visual identity to reinforce your brand. It needs to harmonize with all of your messaging.
  2. It conveys the proper level of professionalism and trust. Most folks are unlikely to bank with a financial institution called “Bob’s Bank” with the logo of a loot bag with a dollar sign stenciled on the side and the tagline “We like cash moneys!” But parents might like that exact same whimsical approach for a kid’s game for learning about money. Know your market and make sure you’re speaking directly to their needs, wants, and concerns.
  3. It’s unique and memorable. This is probably the single biggest element of an effective visual identity. If it’s overly trendy, lacking in concept, or simply not different enough, nobody will remember it a few minutes after seeing it. Logos that can be remembered are the ones that have wit, character, impact, or some other kind of “a-ha moment” that will imprint it in their minds.
  4. It’s consistent. When you’re not consistent with your message, customers will be confused about who you are. They will be much less likely to remember you compared to another brand who is consistent.
  5. It’s adaptable to different media. Overly complex logos become problematic not just because they create brain overload with customers, but also as soon as you need to fax, embroider, or print them in black and white.
  6. It’s timeless. A well-designed visual identity is not haute couture and should not go out of fashion after a single season. Some of the best logos have remained virtually unchanged for decades.

We at Matcha Design have many years of experience with identity design, helping businesses create an integrated look and feel so they can get a leg up on their competition. If you would like to learn more about how a strong identity design can grow your business, give us a call at 918.749.2456 or contact us today. We’ll be glad to help.

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