Wrap-around Animation for Stadium LED

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wrap-around Animation for Stadium LED

When people think of animation design, they usually think of a 16:9 or 4:3 ratio animation. We usually have a lot of freedom and pixel real estate to work with. Adding HD graphics, detailed videos are straightforward and pleasing to the eye, but when it comes to creating animations for a Stadium LED, we have to look at it in a totally different perspective.


First off, the audience will be viewing it from a distance, anything too detailed would probably have to be omitted.

Storytelling is still the key, your audience’s attention span is going to be short but their adrenaline level is high, so the core message of the animation has to be easily read out even if the audience only gets a glimpse of the LED. And at the same time, they can sense the excitement while you are carefully balancing the motion with your client’s brand style. Creating the right speed of motion is also a key to success – elements tend to move slower if you view them from a distance, but we don’t want to animate things so fast that our audience can’t read your message either.

Next, you will be challenged by some very uncommon technical specs. For example, the OU Memorial Stadium has a resolution of 5,104 X 48 pixels while the BOK center has a whopping 12,224 X 24 pixel dimension to work with. What can you do with only a 24 pixel height? It is smaller than an icon in Twitter. That’s where creativity comes in.


There are so many details in creating one nice wrap-around design – concept, color, contrast, speed, can the piece wrap seamlessly…

I like doing this kind of animation because it’s challenging and it really can train you to look at things more conclusively. Plus, how cool is it when thousands of folks look at your creation all at the same time.


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