Project 6.20

Simple Custom Logo Design for Summer Youth Ministry

“When crafting this design, our team utilized the power of a simple, strong aesthetic incorporated with thematic elements to create a powerful logo for the summer youth ministry.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Cohesive Logo Design for Summer Youth Ministry at Baptist Church

Tulsa church requests custom logo design for peer-led youth ministry

The fellowship of Southern Hills Baptist Church believed strongly in the positive influence and education of the next generation of society. They hosted and operated a number of ministries for children, youth, and students, as well as facilitated the operation of youth-led programs.

6.20 was a summer youth ministry that was planned, led, and executed by members of the group themselves. The youth of 6.20 wanted a high-quality, custom logo design that matched the theme and energy of the ministry.

Our creative team developed a simple yet youthful design that included the signature leaf of Southern Hills Baptist Church. Continuing with this theme, we also designed a portion of the logo to create the shape of a leaf sprouting from the text, symbolizing growth and development within the ministry. Bold shapes and fluid lines convey the power and presence of the youth ministry within the church.

“The symbolism and youth of the design, combined with the effortlessness of its presentation, resulted in an attractive and articulate logo design.”

6.20 Logo Design on Baseball Cap
6.20 Logo Design on Water Bottle
6.20 Logo Design on Tee
6.20 Logo Design on Paper Cups
6.20 Logo Design on Cards


Youth-led ministries such as 6.20, hosted by Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK, provide an opportunity for youth to take on leadership and teaching roles at a young age. Allowing them to play an integral role in the process could encourage youth to continue the pursuit of a faith-based life. This change in perspective could also lead to the production of new, innovative lessons and teaching techniques in order to apply better to current, real life situations.

In 2008, the members of 6.20 determined that they would need to upgrade their existing logo design. As a part of a series of logos designed for a branding initiative, the youth ministries of Southern Hills Baptist Church requested a simple yet striking design that would clearly represent the central themes of both the church and the youth group.


Our creative team wanted to embrace the dignity and clarity of a simplistic design, creating a strong, impactful tone throughout the piece. We incorporated themes from the church in multiple ways throughout the design to clearly represent the church of origin and center the logo within Southern Hills Baptist Church.

The image and the text were married together within this logo, ensuring a clear, literal design. We formatted the numbers of the design in a modern, sans serif font and contrasting black and white. This font had corners and edges, but the dimensions and curvature of each number gave the overall impression of smooth, rounded movement. The largest element was the ‘6’ of ‘6.20’, which was a dark, solid black. The period of the decimal was also black and rounded, continuing with the roundness of the elements of the design.

The rest of the number was formatted within a black, oblong shape that appeared to have stemmed from the ‘6’. The top left and bottom right of the outlining shape were rounded, while the top right corner came to a distinct point. This detail incorporated the central theme of the church, the tree of life, into the logo by representing a leaf.

We utilized white space to ‘punch out’ the ‘20’, creating white numbers within the black shape. The base of the ‘2’ stretched to almost overlap the ‘0’, drawing the eye across the design and creating movement. To further establish the theme of the tree of life, we added another leaf inside the ‘0’ in the same distinct, vibrant green color used in other designs created for Southern Hills Baptist Church. This leaf served as an attractive accent to the monochromatic design and added a pop of youth and spirit.