Arsenal Summer Soccer Program

Logo Design for a UK Summer Soccer Program

“The incorporation of bright, representative colors and clear thematic elements created a distinctly vibrant logo design to attract the attention of young athletes aspiring for greatness.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Logo Design for a UK Youth Soccer Training Event

UK Soccer Program requests custom logo design for youth training event.

Youth soccer programs are incredibly important to the development of young players. The spirit of the game can begin small and at a young age, progressing to world-renowned tournaments and events as the youth gain age and experience.

The Arsenal Summer Soccer Program was hosted by United Global Distance Learning & Education Student Service Center, partnered with Bridges UK LTD. Teen boys aged 14-18 would be invited to apply, requiring the development of a vibrant custom logo design that would draw attention and offer the opportunity to as many young athletes as possible.

Our creative team designed a youthful, energetic logo that embodied the spirit of the soccer program and its attendees. The flaming soccer ball and bold text conveyed the passion and drive required to succeed in the sport. We incorporated the national colors of the UK throughout the design to designate the country of origin and encourage patriotism.

“The passion and energy of the soccer program was clearly visible through the artful construction of the logo design.”

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The Summer Soccer Program marketed to teen boys aged 14-18 that lived in or went to school in Hong Kong. The program ran for two weeks in 2006, enhancing the natural abilities of the players and targeting any apparent skill deficits. Highly trained and experienced coaches, joined with the players of the soccer team, assisted athletes improve their agility, speed, endurance, and teamwork to help create a team of elite soccer players.

The establishment of an effective marketing promotion was vital to the success of the soccer program. In order to reach as many potential applicants as possible, the partnered organizations would need to compose and distribute a high quality, custom logo design. This creation would be displayed on a number of media types in order to capture that attention and interest of young athletes.


Our creative team understood the importance of a young, energetic design that effortlessly displayed all pertinent information without overwhelming the viewer. Logos geared at a young audience require a bit of extra attention to ensure both the distinctiveness and clarity of the design. We incorporated the official Arsenal colors to add patriotic color and represent the country of origin.

The main idea for the image of the logo was to replicate a soccer ball. We created a black ‘soccer ball’ with three octagonal patches visible, two below the text on the bottom curves and one large and central above the text. The soccer ball was encompassed by a blue circle, which tied in the Club colors. These colors can be seen incorporated further into the design in the bright red flames burning off of the northeast curve of the ball. The flames begin in one mass before splitting into two tendrils, curving upward and creating heat and movement.

The text of the design was situated in the center of the image, formatted on ‘top’ of the ‘background’ logo. We broke the text into three sections and stacked them, decreasing in size as they decreased in height. The top portion of text was the largest, stating ‘Arsenal’ as the name of the team. Formatted in a bold sans serif font and a bright, crimson red, the letters were all capitalized to create a strong, sporty tone. The last letter of the word, ‘L’, was elongated at the bottom to replicate the motion of the flames.

The middle section of text, ‘Summer Soccer Program’, was formatted in the same font, also bolded but in a smaller size. The words were written in all capital letters and colored in black. The beginning of the text was aligned to start slightly before the text above, balancing the design of the text with the weight of the image. The bottom section of text was a deep, navy blue, formatted in the standard, non bolded version of the same font. The word ‘England’ was also written in all capital letters to stand out.