Powell Chiropractic

Healthcare Brand Development for Chiropractic Practice

“We have been beyond satisfied with the work Matcha Design has done. You know you have a good product when everyone asks who did this.” – Powell Chiropractic / Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brand Development Project for Healthcare Office

Married Chiropractic team seeks custom identity branding for opening of new practice

Powell Chiropractic, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was owned and operated by Dr. Riley Powell and Dr. Sonda Powell, a husband and wife team. The pair met at Cleveland Chiropractic College and decided to open a joint practice in order to blend their individual specialties into an elevated chiropractic experience.

Our design team has assembled multiple award-winning creations for the team at Powell Chiropractic, including a Gold Award of Excellence in Print Design from the Communicator Awards and both a Gold and Bronze Award from the Summit International Awards for our Logo/Letterhead design and multiple Poster Campaigns.

Developing a brand identity for this power-couple-company involved dedicated research, custom photography, and the artful finesse to both simplify and glorify the visual aspects of chiropractic care.

“The simplicity and effortlessness of the logo design assists in effectively conveying the central message and practices of the chiropractic office, expanding upon the traditional boundaries of fellow practitioners.”

Powell Chiropractic Brand Development Stationary
Powell Chiropractic Brand Development Brochure
Powell Chiropractic Brand Development Poster Series
Powell Chiropractic Brand Development Tee
Powell Chiropractic Brand Development Trade show Banners


When opening a new practice, healthcare professionals rely on their credentials and written information about themselves and their mission statement rather than on experience alone. Word of mouth can only spread so quickly, and marketing tools such as brochures and posters can go a long way to boost the credibility and patronage of a practice.

Powell Chiropractic knew they needed a custom logo design and brand identity to set their practice apart from the crowd. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they planned to put their own spin on the traditional chiropractic office by including elements of pediatric and prenatal care into their expertise. The face of their practice needed to include a unique take on the typical spine and vertebrae imagery affiliated with chiropractors.

The team behind Powell Chiropractic understood that when they opened their doors, they needed to be able to effectively market themselves and their new practice. They knew that our team would be able to build a complete custom branding campaign that would ensure effective market permeation while also conveying the wholesome message behind the practice.


Our creative team recognized the importance of a custom, high quality identity package to Powell Chiropractic, as new practices in the health industry often rely on word of mouth and printed materials to spread their brand message. Along with a logo design, we developed a brochure, letterhead, business card, poster design, and tee shirt in order to maximize the reach of their new brand.

The logo we created was reminiscent of traditional chiropractic designs in that it included a spine and vertebrae, yet our team wanted to elevate the look by including interlocking red and blue curves around the spine to represent the veins and arteries in the area. We colored the spine itself a light orange to provide a bit of realism and contrast with the primary red and blue. Both the colored curves and the spine were oriented vertically, but we decided to add texture and flair by building the curves out of small, dashed horizontal lines implicative of vertebrae. This simple, elegant design was centered between “Powell Chiropractic” in all capital letters and a formal, serif font. The text was colored the same blue as the curve in the logo to unite the various elements of the design.

When designing the brochure for Powell Chiropractic, we knew we wanted to provide a personal touch to the content. We brought our in-house photography studio to Dr. Riley and Dr. Sonda Powell’s practice to customize the images to their specifications and allow them personal involvement in the photography session. During the development process, we converted the images to black and white to avoid distraction and add dramatic impact. When formatting the text and coloration of the brochure, we used ash grey, vibrant red and bright orange to brighten the content and draw the eye throughout the pages of the brochure.


Communicator Awards 2010 Gold Winner
Service Industry Advertising Awards 2010 Gold Winner
Service Industry Advertising Awards 2010 Bronze Winner