Oklahoma Chiller

Anniversary Hoodie Design for an Oklahoma Air Conditioning Repair Service

“We strove to create a design that incorporated this milestone anniversary with their iconic trucks to take advantage of the natural marketing provided by their fleet.”

Type of Work: Print Design
Sector: Industrials
Air Conditioning Repair Service Anniversary Hoodie Design

Oklahoma HVAC Company celebrates 16th anniversary with a custom print design

Celebrating a business anniversary is an excellent chance to take advantage of creative advertising opportunities such as custom graphic tees and hoodies. Provide your employees and customers alike with an attractive branding opportunity that celebrates your business’ success.

The statement made by a custom design ensures reliability and provides the community with a chance to participate in your marketing campaign. The Oklahoma Chiller requested a signature design that would be displayed on company apparel and on their webpage.

Our creative team generated an artist’s rendition of the signature trucks driven by service techs. This image served as a recognizable identity design, combining artistic distress with high energy accents and color. The creation of a separate insignia, uniquely representing the 16th anniversary of the company, also incorporated the colors of the company and acted as a tag on webpages and social media.

“The artistic rendition of the signature fleet of trucks associated with Oklahoma Chiller added to the public recognition of the company and its marketing materials.”

Oklahoma Chiller’s 16th Anniversary Men's Graphic Hoodie Design
Oklahoma Chiller’s 16th Anniversary Women's Graphic Hoodie Design
Oklahoma Chiller’s 16 Years in Service Graphic Tee Design
Oklahoma Chiller’s 16 Years in Service Logo Design
Oklahoma Chiller’s Service Truck Illustration


Oklahoma Chiller is a commercial HVAC company servicing companies across the great state of Oklahoma. Opening in 2005, the company strove to provide the best experience possible for their customers by offering high quality service in a timely manner without the extravagant costs. As they have utilized our expert team at Matcha Design for past projects, they decided to reach out to us to create an impactful design to celebrate their 16th anniversary of service and fashionably advertise for potential customers.

A known symbol of Oklahoma Chiller is their fleet of white Ford pickup trucks and vans donned with the company logos on the sides. They desired a design that incorporated these iconic vehicles with the celebration of their 16th anniversary as a gift to their employees, as well as an opportunity for employee branding. The colors and design needed to please their mostly-male workforce, while also proving attractive to female employees and customers.


When conceptualizing their print design, our team created a custom illustration of these notable vehicles. We incorporated their signature blue and red colors into a realistic truck design with a rugged, painted outline and color while maintaining the integrity of the image of the truck itself.

For the anniversary logo, we also incorporated the company colors and their milestone date of 16 in a three-dimensional design. The 16 is styled in Helvetica Neue font in medium italic, and a play on white space allows the background color to show through the ‘outlined’ numbers.

The company’s color blue highlights the tops of the numbers where light would hit, while the shadowed undersides are the company’s color red, creating the outline of the 16. Beneath the 16 are the words ‘years in service’ in white, all capital letters in the font Avenir, which is the brand font of Oklahoma Chiller. The final design reads “16 YEARS IN SERVICE”.

Oklahoma Chiller initially requested a tee shirt, therefore we designed two different options to allow a choice of their preference between a front-and-back design or front-only design. The front-only design layered the truck illustration on top of the three-dimensional 16 so that the 16 was still clearly discernible, highlighting both the truck illustration and their milestone date. The words ‘years in service’ are also included beneath the 16 and the truck illustration.

The front-and-back design positioned the “16 years in service” logo on the front left pocket area and a larger illustration of the truck across the upper back. We provided options for a zip-front hoodie and both men’s and women’s drawstring hoodies in order to demonstrate how the designs would appear on different materials and styles.

After viewing our completed designs, the owners of Oklahoma Chiller felt that hoodies would be more popular amongst their audience than tee shirts, as they have opted for numerous tee shirt designs in the past with our design team.