Cover Me

Custom Logo and Print Design for Faith-Based Event

“Our team wanted to infuse every bit of the faith and drama that was to be expected at this event into the design itself.”

Type of Work: Logo Design | Print Design
Sector: Faith
Memorable Logo and Print Design for Easter Worship Event

Tulsa Baptist Church seeks custom print design for modern Easter worship event

Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma hosted a number of worship events every year, including Christmas and Easter services. In 2007, they decided to host an event unlike any they had hosted before – known as “Cover Me.”

Branded as “A Dramatic Worship Experience,” this event took place on Palm Sunday, aiming to celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem while also drawing in new members to their congregation.

Our creative team channeled the drama and intensity of the event through the design of a powerful postcard and logo design, using color and overlapping images to portray both the emotion and key themes of the event. The dynamic imagery and intense, solemn energy of the design represented the spirit of the worship event.

“The intensity and poignancy of the logo and print design proclaimed the spirit and energy of the event to every audience.”

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Easter events hosted by faith-based groups are generally encompassed by a somewhat traditional service involving candle-lighting and hymns. When a church decides to stray from the norm and host a theatrical worship experience, effective marketing is paramount to the success of the event and any possible future expansion of the church.

Southern Hills Baptist Church (SHBC) sought to host an Easter worship event that would surpass any event they had performed previously. This event, known as “Cover Me” and branded “A Dramatic Worship Experience,” was planned to redesign the typical Easter Sunday service into a full religious experience. In order to attract as many attendees as possible, they decided to reach out to our team and requested a custom logo design to utilize as the focus of their print and postcard marketing campaign.


Our creative team wanted to keep in line with the spirit and energy of the “Cover Me” event when brainstorming this design. SHBC requested a postcard, bulletin insert, and a digital format of the design for use across their various markets. We decided to create alternate viewing options on multiple different media types, such as tee shirts, flat-billed hats, buttons, and pull-up event banners to demonstrate the versatility of the design in different applications.

For the main background, we used an image of the sky and horizon during a cloudy sunset, colored in yellows, oranges and greys. The horizon itself was black, with three crosses in line on a hillside on the left side to symbolize the coming of Easter. To continue with this theme, we added a ray of light shining down on the crosses from the heavens. There is a small, fleur-de-lis-esque design in the bottom left portion of the horizon. On the left side, we removed the color from the sky, leaving shades of greys and whites. On top of the grey sky, we overlaid a translucent artist’s rendition of Christ to add dramatic effect. His solemn face staring into the eyes of the viewer conveys His strong, poignant message.

The main text on the front of the postcard was designed using a vintage, serif font. The full text is aligned to the right below the dark horizon, so as not to distract the viewer from the intensity of the postcard. The name of the church and the date of the event were colored white, while ‘Cover Me’ and ‘A Dramatic Worship Experience’ were colored in a vivid red hue to create contrast from the dark colors of the image and highlight the important, memorable aspects of the event.

The back of the postcard was primarily white space, decorated only with informative text and a small amount of splashed, grey design beneath the text. The blankness of the back of the card highlighted the information and punctuated the drama and intensity of the event. We aligned the text to the left side, which restated the information on the front while also including additional information such as start time, website and physical address. The top portion of text, which stated, “You Are Invited To Experience,” is colored in a vibrant purple and tilted appropriately 30 degrees to the left to draw the eye and help move viewer attention through the text.