Brand Development and Logo Design for a Tulsa Childcare Center

“When creating this design, we wanted to avoid distracting or overwhelming features in favor of a simple, youthful design with an incorporated message.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
New Logo and Rebrand for Youth Group

Tulsa church seeks custom logo design for growing youth ministry group

Southern Hills Baptist Church is a church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For more than 100 years, they have spread their message of faith and fellowship throughout the community of Tulsa. Over the years, they have hosted numerous youth and children’s groups.

In 2008, their most important group within the youth ministry, D-Groups, decided to update and rebrand. They knew they needed a high quality, custom logo design that would match the energy of both the youth ministry and the church itself.

Our creative team designed yet another representative and attractive logo design, incorporating the signature small, green leaf into the image. The nested letters within the image create a strong, solid visual of the members of the youth ministry rooted solidly within their faith.

“The effortless strength of the image of the logo design assisted in highlighting the growth and youthfulness of the ministry.”

D-Groups Logo Design on Card
D-Groups Logo Design on Baseball Cap
D-Groups Logo Design on Tee
D-Groups Logo Design on Mug
D-Groups Logo Design on Button


Youth ministries such as D-Groups are an incredibly important part of any church organization. Many families, youth, and children attend churches across the globe, as some of the messages and imagery can be a bit intense for some younger viewers. In order to achieve full engagement and provide a message for every member of the church fellowship, youth and children’s programs are tailored to address questions and issues specific to certain age groups. This ensures that children and teens alike can benefit from the messages provided and learn how to approach situations within their daily lives.

The youth ministry of Southern Hills Baptist Church wanted to update and rebrand the existing logo of the D-Groups, a branch of the youth groups that focused on growing and expanding upon the faith of its members. The logo needed to incorporate themes from the youth ministry, as effective branding of the group was an integral part of recruiting the interest of new members. They wanted to portray the energy and mission of the group while also including symbols of the church as a whole.


Our creative team understood the importance of a clear, concise logo that incorporated the name of the group with symbolism representative of the church. The identity design of this logo needed to have a tie to Southern Hills Baptist Church, while also clearly illustrating the name of the group.

In order to maintain clarity and simplicity, we used a solid black as the main color of the design. This color choice creates the opportunity for the logo colors to be flipped, changing black to white on a dark-colored background while maintaining other colors within the design. This allows for precious versaitility when displaying the logo, granting the group the option of choosing between numerous background colors for shirts, pamphlets, and other advertising/informative media.

The image of the design was a simple mash-up of a capital ‘D’ and capital ‘G’, emphasizing the D-Groups main characters. The G was nestled inside the D, as if attached to the vertical line of the capital D. Both letters were formatted in a sans serif font, which created an attractive visual effect without distracting the viewer from the overall design. The inspiration behind this design was a greenhouse, as members of the D-Group will grow when within the group.

The text of the design was formatted in the same sans serif font as the image, creating unity and continuing with the simplistic theme. All of the text of D-Groups was lowercase to create contrast with the image of the design and portray the youth and comfort of the group itself. The ‘d’ was formatted in bold to allow it to stand out from the rest of the text. Between the ‘d’ and the ‘groups’, we included a small green leaf in place of a traditional hyphen. This leaf was representative of the logo design of the church, which was a green tree. This detail tied in the youth group with the church as a whole, creating unity and cohesion across the church’s various group logos.