Deep Impact Discipleship

Logo Design for Children and Youth Ministry

“Faith is a narrow path to walk, but you are never alone.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Sleek Logo Design for Local Youth Ministry

Baptist church seeks custom logo design for devoted youth ministry

Riverview Baptist Church was located in Bixby, Oklahoma. They have been spreading their message of discipleship and faith throughout the community for more than 50 years. In addition to Sunday services, the church hosted inclusive groups for the children and youth members, one of which was known as ‘Deep Impact Discipleship’. The founders of the group knew they needed a high quality, custom logo design to represent the values and beliefs of the youth ministry.

Our creative team designed a fun, effortless design that effectively represented the age of the members and the mission of the group. A simple sans serif font and color scheme ensured that the design was clear and readable, while accents such as an inverted ‘D’ and the artistic inclusion of a cross solidified the overarching meaning of the logo design. The central feature of the design represents a member of the group deeply rooted in their journey to impactful discipleship.

“The clarity and simplicity of the design combined with the deeper message contained within resulted in a calm, yet captivating logo design.”

Deep Impact Discipleship Logo Design on Card
Deep Impact Discipleship Logo Design on Baseball Cap
Deep Impact Discipleship Logo Design Signage
Deep Impact Discipleship Logo Design on Polo
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The fellowship of Riverview Baptist Church rooted their faith deeply within the principles of discipleship. Every member thrived on spreading their love and compassion throughout the community of Bixby, OK. They also understood the importance of effective identity branding in order to set the organization apart from others in the area.

The youth ministry was an important part of the mission of the church. The young members of the church needed a ministry that was geared more towards the happenings of their daily lives, such as school life, siblings, and friends. Attracting new members to the group was a key part of expanding the ministry and spreading their message. An eye-catching, recognizable logo design can make a big difference to the growth and success of any faith-based organization. The youth ministry of Riverview Baptist Church wanted a simple, appealing logo design that incorporated a play on the name of the ministry and thematic colors from the church itself.


Our creative team understood the importance of clear branding to represent the face of any organization. We kept the design simple and readable, avoiding loud, distracting elements and colors that would jeopardize the integrity of the logo. Small artistic details draw the piece together by representing the key themes both distinctly and discreetly.

The image of the design was made up of the first letter of each word in the name of the youth ministry, Deep Impact Discipleship. The two ‘D’s were uppercase and formatted in a thick, bolded font to add emphasis to the lowercase ‘i’ between them, as the second ‘D’ was reversed to face inward. At the bottom of the second ‘D’, we used white space to create a cross within the body of the letter itself, tastefully adding the emblem of Christ without distracting from the design. The ‘i’ was visually symbolic of a person or a narrow road, meant to represent someone deeply rooted on their journey of discipleship. The two ‘D’s were a dark, solid black, while the ‘i’ was an aqua blue, creating contrast within the design and representing one of the iconic colors of Riverview Baptist Church’s main logo. We displayed this design on a solid white background to allow the bold lines and color of the design to pop. This contrast provides the design with a higher-impact statement, using imagery and allusions to speak for itself.

We formatted the text of the design in a bold, sans serif font beneath the imagery to underline and highlight the main design elements. The text was in all lowercase letters to provide distinction between the lettering of the image and the text itself, while maintaining the same black color as the majority of the design. The font incorporated a bit of youthful flair into some of the letters, most notably in the curvature and design of the ‘t’ in ‘impact’ that highlights the ‘i’ within the image. This lettering effect drew the eye to the center of the image and across all of the important detail elements of the overall design.