Defending Dignity

Logo Design for Anti-Trafficking Non-Profit

“Defending Dignity’s logo tells the organization’s origin story and paints a picture of the ways they hope to change the world.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Logo Design for Young Non-Profit Organization

Creating a Logo Design for an Anti-Human Trafficking Organization to Help Them Develop Their Brand Identity

Defending Dignity, which was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2019 works to fight human trafficking. They reached out to us at Matcha Design because they wanted to create a logo for their organization that represented their goals. They wanted their logo to represent the power that human trafficking survivors can have once they escape the commercial sex industry. We were able to take this idea and create a logo for them that tells a story and is aesthetically appealing at the same time.

“We wanted to help Defending Dignity create a logo that is infused with hope and life.​”

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Prior to reaching out to Matcha Design, Defending Dignity did not have a logo. They wanted to develop their brand identity, and create a succinct and clear narrative for their company.


By helping Defending Dignity create a fresh and unique logo design, we have given them a chance to grow their brand identity. We at Matcha Design wanted to create a logo that told a story, one that showed the unique, human-centered attitude that Defending Dignity has toward human trafficking. By creating a logo that featured a woman in a position of power, we reinforced the narrative that Defending Dignity is helping victims of human trafficking regain their power. We thought hard about colors and shapes we would use to tell the story of the human trafficking survivors that Defending Dignity helps. We wanted the logo to appear gentle and feminine, while still emphasizing female power. We used a soft pink and the cursive font to soften the logo, while incorporating the sharp edges of the woman’s crown to emphasize her power. Overall, this created a balanced and dynamic design.

We worked hard to create a logo that reflected the story of Defending Dignity, and our clear design vision paid off. People began to notice that this logo was powerful and compelling.

Our design received two silver awards from the 2019 SIA (Service Industry Advertising) Awards. That year, there were over 1,600 individual entries, and the Defending Dignity logo was one of only 74 logos selected for the prestigious silver award. Since Matcha Design began entering logos into the SIA Awards pool, we have won at least one award every year, and 2019 was no exception. The website for Defending Dignity, which featured our brand new logo, won a gold award as well. Overall, at this award show, Matcha Design also took home the Best in Show award for the 2019 SIA award.

However, the SIA awards committee were not the only people who noticed the particular excellence of this design. The 26th annual Communicator Awards in 2020 chose the Defending Dignity logo for their silver award of distinction for corporate identity. They chose our logo for this award out of a pool of over 6,000 applicants, because it told a unique story while appearing clean and professional. They felt that the logo design accurately represented Defending Dignity’s unique brand identity. We are proud of this award and the overall positive reception that Defending Dignity’s logo received.