Clean Logo Design for Leadership Ministry

“Our creative team sought to design a bright, energetic logo that incorporated themes from the main logo of the church and from the mission of the DIVE leadership ministry itself.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Concise Logo Design for Faith-Based Leadership Training

Bixby Church seeks custom logo design for leadership training ministry

Riverview Baptist Church had been serving the community and spreading faith for more than half a century. Located in Bixby, Oklahoma, they centered their mission around the principles of discipleship and charity amongst old and new friends alike.

In 2006, the members of the church decided that a change was needed to refresh and revitalize the ministry, and reached out to our team at Matcha Design to develop a new series of logo and print designs to represent their various ministries.

Our creative team created a strong, youthful logo design that represented the church’s overarching theme of the water of life. Bright orange and curved, fluid lines establish the energy and spirit of the group and its members. The finished product was featured in the book Logolicious by Peleg Top, which is a collection of “the best logos from around the globe”.

“The fluid lines and bright color blocking create a fun, yet dynamic logo design.”

DIVE Logo Design on Card
DIVE Logo Design on Baseball Cap
DIVE Logo Design on Tee
DIVE Logo Design on Mug
DIVE Logo Design on Button


The central mission statement of Riverview Baptist Church is based on educating and guiding its members about how they can emanate the presence of the Lord throughout their daily lives. Brand identity is incredibly important to the success and longevity of any faith-based organization, as public recognition is always beneficial. The logo of the church or ministry needed to be recognizable for instances when members participated in public events, mission work, or simply helped out a fellow member of their community.

One of the ministries hosted by the church was known as ‘DIVE’ and specialized in teaching leadership qualities and skills. They aimed to continue the theme of the main church by educating interested members and patrons in the ways of using the principles of discipleship to enhance soft skills and spread their message. The leaders of the DIVE ministry wanted a bright, energetic logo that fit amongst the theme of the logos of the other ministries and the church itself.


Our creative team strove to come up with a colorful, youthful design that represented the energy and spirit of its members. It was important that themes of both the church and the group were represented clearly to create unity and solidarity across the designs.

The central image of the design was the word ‘Dive’ in all capital letters. We formatted the text in a blocky, sans serif font that allowed room for creative touches and alterations. The use of white space between all of the letters created contrast and a natural outline to enhance the look of each individual letter. We colored the text in a bright, vibrant orange to represent the energy of the group and draw the eye.

The letters are underlined by a wavy, tapered black line, symbolic of one of the central themes of Riverview Baptist Church – water. We designed the bottom of the ‘v’ to break down into the black wavy line, as well as the right side to raise higher than the rest of the text. This highlights the letter and draws attention to the suggestion of a diving platform into the ‘water’ below.

Above the image of the design, we included the word ‘leadership’ in all capital letters. We formatted the text in a thinner sans serif font to contrast the blockiness of the image. The size and placement of the text highlights the image of the design and conveys the main mission of the group without distracting from the overall integrity of the logo.