Eastern Oklahoma Appraisal Company

Custom Brand Development for Appraisal Company

“The end result is that my business profile has increased as well as my profit margin.”

Profit-Producing Brand Development for Appraisal Company

Appraisal Company requests custom brand development and logo design to establish business profile

Located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, the Eastern Oklahoma Appraisal Company (EOAC) was incorporated at the end of 2004. They strove to provide first-class customer and appraisal services for families in Tulsa and surrounding cities. Whether deciding to remodel, looking to put a house on the market, or considering purchasing a new home, the educated and experienced staff at EOAC streamline the process and ensure expert results.

Upon the establishment of the company, its founders sought out Matcha Design to create a high-quality, custom logo design that would capture the attention of prospective customers and convey the nature of the business. The final brand design was the recipient of a Gold Award from the SIA Awards in the Logo/Letterhead Design category.

Our creative team designed a fun, visually interactive image that incorporated the acronym of the company with themes from their fields of expertise. The frame of a house outlined a box with a bright red check, a representation of the examinations and inspections performed by the appraisal company. A measuring tape was creatively incorporated into the acronym, in place of the ‘O’.

“The elegance of the font, coupled with the creativity of the design image, resulted in a refined, understated logo design.”

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There is always a need for appraisal services across various industries, such as residential housing and commercial properties. These appraisals can include both interior and exterior inspections, as well as thorough checks of the integrity of safety equipment and systems. Many homeowners rely on the advice of appraisal services when determining which upgrades would result in high profit margins when listing a house or property.

As a new company, the Eastern Oklahoma Appraisal Company had a long road ahead to build their brand, business model, and client base. The development of an identity design consisted of creating a storefront or web page logo, designs for prospective vehicles, and various marketing ventures, such as business cards, letterheads, pens, mugs, and stamps. Spreading the word about their new business required research, knowledge of local markets, and a superior logo design.


Our creative team understood the importance of effectively marrying the name of the new company with a catchy, attractive logo design. We incorporated visual elements of the business throughout the design, representing the appraisal process and the company within the image. Our color story was both bold and simple at the same time, conveying power and strength without overwhelming the viewer.

The image of the design was situated above the text, colored almost completely in a deep, navy blue. At the base of the image, we designed the acronym of the business, ‘EOAC’, into a foundation for the house. We used a bold, sans serif font and elongated the right sides of the letters, dragging the motion of the text through the design. The ‘O’ was artistically designed to represent a measuring tape rolling from left to right, as measuring tapes are a common representative symbol of appraisals. The ‘O’, as well as the ’C’, was created using an outline and white space, resulting in alternating solid blue and solid white letters.

The outline of a house extended vertically from this foundation, which was a simple design consisting of only walls and a roof. We added a square box on the front of the house to signify a window. Within the box was a bright crimson check mark, representing the approval of the company and its mission, as well as the checks required as part of the appraiser’s job.

The text of the design was stacked due to length, with the first half of the company name above the second half. We formatted the text in a bold, thick sans serif font and solid black. The two portions of text, ‘Eastern Oklahoma’ and ‘Appraisal Company’, were lined up vertically with no overlap, further establishing the concept of a solid foundation.


2010 Service Industry Advertising Awards Gold Winner