ePet Records

Logo Design for an Online Pet Records Company

“Thanks for your hard work on these. They turned out better than I could have imagined… The design looks terrific. I am very happy with what you came up with.”
– ePet Records / Tulsa, Oklahoma

Type of Work: Logo Design
Logo Design for a Pet Healthcare Records Company

Tulsa-based online pet records company seeks custom, pet-friendly logo design.

Pets are more akin to members of the family in many households, enjoying home-cooked dinners and designated sleeping spots that encroach upon our own space. They provide companionship, entertainment, and even stress relief for the people nearest and dearest to them, creating a mutualistic symbiotic relationship between themselves and their owners. 

The company ePet Records was created in 2004 to establish an online database of pet records that were as easy to access as a family member’s medical records, as well as develop a portal of communication between the pet owner and veterinarian. This new company required a high-quality custom logo design that would attract attention and prove recognizable and memorable by prospective customers.

Our creative team designed a simple yet dynamic logo design that conveyed the inclusivity of the company to its viewers. The silhouettes of a horse, dog, and cat were present within the image, indicating their acceptance of pets of all shapes and sizes. We artistically stacked the silhouettes to represent all three animals within one space, using whitespace to cut the outline of the cat out from the other shapes.

“The simplicity and energy of the image resulted in a fun, yet trusted logo design.”

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The idea behind ePet Records was ingenious for its time; there were few ways other than calling the veterinarian directly to access pet records and appointments. Even then, you would need access to a fax machine or email address and an available member of the veterinary team to send those records through. The establishment of an online portal changed the game, as vaccination dates, appointment reminders, and test results could be posted, accessed, and viewed from any computer or internet-enabled device.

The future growth and success of ePet Records was heavily reliant on website traffic and usage. The team needed to be able to attract not only pet owners, but the veterinary community as well to participate in the website in order to provide full, satisfactory service to as many prospective users as possible. New customers would have no reason to use the website if their veterinarian did not already participate, requiring constant expansion and marketing efforts. An attractive, stylish logo design would assist in the creation and establishment of the brand identity of ePet Records throughout the community and beyond.


Our creative team understood the importance of simply and clearly representing thematic elements from the company throughout the logo design process. The design could not be busy or crowded, as this would distract the eye from the “meat” of the logo. Concise displays of pets and the name of the website effortlessly conveyed all of the important information contained within the design.

The image was composed of a combination of solid shapes and white space, creating numerous images in the same space. We incorporated the outline of three different animals in order of progressive size to illustrate that pets of all sizes are welcome. The heads of a horse and a dog face away from each other at the top of the image, colored in a dusky royal blue. Centered between and below the horse and dog head, white space cuts out the outline of a cat’s head. This head is accented by two blue eyes with white, slitted pupils staring directly at the viewer. Below the cat head, we included a blue name tag encompassing the first lowercase ‘e’ of ‘ePet Records’. It was white to appear cut out of the name tag, and was positioned so that it appeared to be worn by the cat, as well as a component of the name of the website. The dynamic integration of this detail helps create unity and tie the two components of the logo design together.

The text of the design was the name of the website, ‘ePetRecords.com’. The text was formatted in a simple, sans serif font and colored in black to aid in the readability of the design and provide for color and display versatility. The first ‘e’ was encompassed as part of the image design in the same font as the rest of the text. The word ‘Pet’ was capitalized as shown and formatted to the font standard. The word ‘Records’ and the period before ‘com’ was bolded to emphasize the central purpose of the website and break up the weight of the design. The word ‘com’ was the smallest of the text, as it is only included to solidify the viewer’s understanding that the company is web based rather than brick and mortar