Flood Student Ministries

Cohesive Student Ministries Logo Design For Faith-Based Organization

“The unity of the text and image of the logo design provided the student ministries with a beautifully symbolic and interpretive design.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Creative Logo Design for Local Student Ministry

Bixby, OK church requests custom logo design for student ministry program

Bixby, Oklahoma is home to Riverview Baptist Church, a longstanding establishment within the community. One of their central mission statements highlights their key goal as a faith-based organization – establishing a strong emotional connection with the Lord.

They operate a student ministry in order to provide age-specific advice and expertise to school-aged teens who wish to enhance their faith.The members of the group wanted a dramatic, symbolic logo design to represent their passion and endurance of faith.

Our creative team was able to marry concepts of flowing water with the power of the student ministry. The image of the logo design was incorporated into the text, creating a dynamic design that attracted the eye and transported it throughout the brand. The use of monochromatic blue tones, starkly contrasted by a singular red cross in place of the ‘t’ in ‘Ministries,’ highlighted the central mission of the student ministry and the intensity of the presence of Christ.

“The incorporation of ‘rivers of living water’ within the logo design created a pleasing, fluid element that represented the core values and themes of the student ministries.”

Flood Student Ministries Logo Design on Card
Flood Student Ministries Logo Design on Baseball Cap
Flood Student Ministries Logo Design on Tee
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When operating a student ministry, leaders have to keep in mind that they are influencing the future generation of leaders and influencers. The introduction of the Lord and faith-based skills into problem-solving situations and interactions can positively alter the attitudes of anyone willing to listen. The tumultuous years that middle and high school students experience can shape the rest of their lives – it’s important to make an impact.

Riverview Baptist Church encourages its members and ministries to grow as individuals and as a fellowship, helping others on the endless journey of life. Student ministries are also largely involved in mission and service work within their community, making a difference wherever they can. When participating in activities in their local area, the students required a logo that would represent themes from the church, while also making a bold branding statement about who and what the Flood Student Ministries are.


Our creative team understood the importance of making a dramatic visual statement with a logo design. We represented the core ministry theme, ‘rivers of living water’, throughout the design, as well as details representative of the energy and mission of the student ministry.

The imagery of the design was incorporated within the text to emphasize the concept and name of the ministry. The upper portion of the logo established the name of the ministry, ‘Flood’ in all capital letters. We formatted the text in a bold, sans serif font and a deep, almost navy blue to represent the colors of the ministry and continue the theme of water.

Just beneath and incorporated within the lettering, we added curved, tapered lines implicative of waves. The largest of these waves, beneath the ‘F’, was peaked to define that the waves flow through the ministry. All of the consonants in ‘Flood’ were shaped, elongated, or altered to create smooth, effortless motion within the logo. We altered the tones of blue within these waves to produce further dynamic movement and color.

Next to the ‘L’ in ‘Flood’ we incorporated the number 738 vertically and in that same font as the text. This represented the scripture verse John 7:38, which states, “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” This verse was the central theme of the ministry and played a large role in the mission and outreach work the student ministry participated in.

Below the wave design, we formatted the words ‘Student Ministries’ in the same simple, sans serif font and deep, navy blue as the rest of the design. To add artistic detail, we incorporated a cross in bright red in place of the ‘T’ in ‘Ministries’. This pop of color accents the design and signifies the presence of the Lord strongly rooted within the ministry and its members.