Flood Youth Choir

Moving Logo Design for Faith-Based Youth Choir

“The dynamic movement and distress within the design created texture and added depth and character to the logo design.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Edgy Logo Design for Local Youth Choir

Bixby Youth Choir requests vibrant, artistic logo design

Riverview Baptist Church regularly hosted ministries and programs for members and nonmembers of all ages, priding themselves on the inclusivity of their ministries and wide array of programs. They also developed a youth program, including a Youth Choir.

The members of the choir strove to glorify God through song and were able to participate in numerous events throughout the year, including Easter and Christmas productions. The organizers of the choir knew they needed a custom, high-quality logo design to represent the church and the choir, capturing the spirit and harmony of the young artists.

Our creative team designed a dynamic, refined logo design that demonstrated the artistry and fluidity of music. A weathered, distressed overlay broke up the weight of the design and added depth and texture. Small artistic details and cool, airy and aquatic colors established thematic elements from the church and the youth choir.

“The small details and accents incorporated within this design signify the artistry involved in producing music while serving as a unique, recognizable logo for the Flood Youth Choir.”

Flood Youth Choir Logo Design on Card
Flood Youth Choir Logo Design on Baseball Cap
Flood Youth Choir Logo Design Signage
Flood Youth Choir Logo Design on Tee
Flood Youth Choir Logo Design on Button


The fellowship of Riverview Baptist Church centered their mission around making disciples and preparing them to spread their message far and wide. They focused on principles of unity, faith, and love as daily guiding practices, striving to become part of something larger than themselves. The establishment of a youth choir provided an opportunity for the young members of the fellowship to glorify God through song and spread those principles in numerous different venues and programs. Many new youth members found themselves drawn to the youth choir, expanding upon the membership base of the church and effectively spreading their message through faith-based music.

In 2006, the organizers of the youth choir realized they required a redesigned, upgraded logo as part of a church-wide branding initiative that would better represent the choir as a whole. The members wanted the logo to be easily recognizable and attractive as to garner recognition when seen amongst the community. This new logo would help to attract new members to the choir and allow them the acknowledgement they deserved when participating in mission work or performances.


Our creative team understood the importance of the clear representation of multiple ideas in a single identity design. We wanted to distinctly illustrate the marriage of music and art that the choir facilitates. We utilized a color story that was representative of multiple themes seen within the choir and the church itself.

The text of the design was formatted in a thin, serif font in the center of the logo. We used all capital letters and a vibrant blue color implicative of the sky. Air plays a large role in a person’s ability to sing, and our creative team included this detail to add depth and significance to the design. Some of the letters are accented with small paint splatters to break up the weight of the text and add a youthful flair.

The central image of the design was situated as more of an outline of the text. Above the text, we created a decorative flourish redolent of a calligraphic design. We added multiple tapered, wavy lines to give the impression of water beneath the text. The lines are broken and choppy in a weathered, distressed manner to add movement and texture.

In order to enhance the authenticity of the design, we included a small, swirled design reminiscent of leafy vines that overlapped the center of the text. At the bottom left of the design, we created a small treble clef within one of the curves of the wavy lines to clearly incorporate music into the design.

All of these details surrounding the text were colored in a dark, navy blue in order to continue with the aquatic theme and create contrast from the lighter blue of the text. While the text color signified air and the sky, the darker blue of the accents represented the waves and the ocean, which rise and fall in a similar way to the voices of the members of a choir.