Logo Design for Oklahoma IT Startup

“The contrast of strong, bold lines with a beautifully designed image created a vivid, dynamic design.”

New Logo Design for Professional Services Startup

Tulsa IT and Security Company seeks upgraded custom logo design

Companies in search of a one-stop-shop for all of their computer assistance and security needs should look no further than HalcyIT. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, this IT company provides support and security across numerous platforms and products.

They offer services such as virus and firewall protection, important file backups, and even tech support. The development of a new training program to accompany their existing services prompted the company to revamp their existing logo in search of a custom, high quality identity design.

Our creative team generated a vibrant, dynamic logo design that boldly displayed the company name and specialty. The image of the design replaced the letter ‘A’ within the logo, colorfully and vividly contrasting the strong, solid colors of the rest of the design. To accent and highlight the ‘IT’ aspect of the business within the logo design, we formatted the text as a superscript of the design.

“The logo looks fantastic…The mockups were awesome and are already giving me branding ideas; we especially enjoyed the hat and signage mockups. Thanks for everything; I’ll reach out to you for my future design/marketing needs.” – C. Lopez / Founder of HalcyIT

HalcyIT Logo Design on Stationary Set
HalcyIT Logo Design on Baseball Cap
HalcyIT Logo Design on Signage
HalcyIT Logo Design on Mug by Matcha Design
HalcyIT Logo Design on Tee


There are endless applications for computer and internet hardware within today’s companies and businesses. Whether your day-to-day operations involve only a simple, informational website or a fleet of computers and performance equipment, HalcyIT can cater to the needs of numerous industries and professions.

Our software and educated staff provide peace of mind by ensuring the safety and security of your business, customers, employees, equipment, and data. A compromised website or data storage drive could spell disaster for your company, leading to diminished customer confidence, lost revenue, and potential legal fees. As a primarily online business, the new logo design needed to effectively reflect the innovative nature of the company, while also representing the face of the business in an attractive, professional way.


Our creative team strove to construct a design that was both inventive and aesthetically pleasing, as a full logo and as a signature emblem. The branding, identification, and recollection of a company’s logo is paramount to its future growth and success, as the high cost of marketing is common knowledge. We incorporated a color story indicative of computers and the tech field in general to solidify the core concept of the company within the logo.

The text of the design was broken up into two parts, ‘Halcy’ and ‘IT’. The first section, ‘Halcy, was formatted in a bold, sans serif font and all capital letters. We created a few different color variations for the text, including white text on a navy-blue background, navy blue on a white background, and all silver for a sleek, streamlined look.

We integrated the image of the design into the logo rather than using a standalone to further represent the idea fusion and innovation of the company. The ‘A’ of ‘Halcy’ was designed to appear more like a triangle, and was composed by the outline of four sharp, geometric shapes, utilizing whitespace to form the letter. These shapes incorporated an ombré effect, fading from a bright, lime green to a strong, royal blue in a downward sweeping motion.

A small green and blue isosceles triangle made up the center of the ‘A’, while an oblong, royal blue parallelogram created the right edge. The left side was formed by a lime green scalene triangle, and the base incorporated the full green-to-blue ombré effect. The base of the triangle was flat on top, with an offset bottom that combined the two geometric shapes above. The underlying concept was a hexagonal shape split down the middle and offset, dropping the lime green left side and raising the royal blue right side.

Upon the request for the new logo design, we were made aware of a past difficulty involving the differentiation of the two components of the company name. In order to address this issue, we decided to format the ‘IT’ portion of the logo as a superscript. This small size decrease and elevation of the acronym lends to the impression of two connected yet separate parts of the same logo. By using the same font in a standard, non-bolded format, we created further distinction between the two sections and broke up the weight of the design.