Hawkins Law Firm

Brand Identity Development for Personal Injury Law Firm

“The simplicity and effortlessness of this award-winning logo design conveys a calming, trusting tone while clearly representing Hawkins Law Firm.”

Custom Brand Development for Personal Injury Lawyer

Law Firm based in Tulsa seeks custom brand development for personal injury lawyer

Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to Hawkins Law Firm, founded by esteemed lawyer Phillip Hawkins. He strove to serve the members of his community by guiding them through the labyrinth of personal injury lawsuits.

He offered a free consultation and representation, only receiving payment upon the successful completion and retribution of the case. The law firm was in need of a complete identity design in order to establish a logo and marketing materials that would represent the mission and values of the lawyer.

Our creative team married the two letters of Phillip Hawkins’ name together in an elegant script, fostering an esteemed and refined energy throughout the logo design. The monochromatic color scheme and separate brand insignia aided in the versatility of the design, allowing for display on a number of various marketing media.

“The elegance of the font, coupled with the creativity of the design image, resulted in a refined, understated logo design.”

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Phillip Hawkins, founder of Hawkins Law Firm, understood that it was unlikely that he would meet his clients under the best circumstances, as a serious crisis or calamity would send them his way. His prospective clients brought him cases such as negligent accidents and personal injustices resulting in injury. Abandoned, injured employees found themselves contacting Hawkins Law Firm when their employers refused to take responsibility or pay for a work-related accident resulting in lost wages or diminished quality of life.

Upon the successful completion of his cases, social proof and peer marketing played large roles in the continued growth and expansion of the firm. As this branding initiative began in 2005, there was much less of a general internet presence when compared to today. The testimony and recommendation of satisfied clients enhances the reputation and expectations of the law firm throughout the community. A custom, high-quality logo design provides a recognizable, memorable image associated with the firm and with Phillip Hawkins himself.


Our creative team understood the importance of a clear, memorable logo design to a law firm. Many people would rather accept the opinion or recommendation of a friend or family member rather than believe marketing materials or advertisements, which is why we designed a full identity design for Hawkins Law Firm. We created business cards, letterheads, folders, and envelopes, as well as generating examples of other applications, such as pens, shirts, plaques, and other marketing media. These components of the identity design allowed for the opportunity to provide complementary, branded merchandise to members of the community and clients alike.

The image of the design was simple, tasteful, and representative of the lawyer and law firm. We created a fusion of Phillip Hawkins’ initials into one letter using a bolded serif font. This font was italicized and accented with swirls and curves often seen in cursive fonts. The entire image was a deep, ocean blue, a color that is known to be symbolic of trust and professionalism. We melded the ‘P’ of ‘Phillip’ with the left vertical of the ‘H’ of ‘Hawkins’, uniting the two letters into one identifiable logo design. The rounded portion of the ‘P’ was within the ‘H’, emphasized by an accent looping up from the horizontal curve of the ‘H’ and moving towards the right to create an unbroken line.

The text of the design served as an underline for the image and was centered beneath it. The full name of the firm, ‘Hawkins Law Firm’, was formatted in the same font as the initials within the image in a standard, non-bolded, non-italicized form. The lightness of the text created balance and movement with the weight of the initials, drawing the eye throughout the design. The deep, ocean blue continued throughout the text, creating unity within the design and further solidifying the symbolic elements of the color.


2011 Service Industry Advertising Awards Merit Winner