Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design

“I appreciate everything you have done and the time it took. Thank you very much.” – Clay Smith / Tulsa, Oklahoma

Type of Work: Logo Design
Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design

Christian Scholarship Foundation in homage to beloved mother seeks custom logo design

Jacqueline E. Smith, known by her family, friends, and community as “Jackie,” lived her life by God’s will. Her family established a scholarship program in memory of her life of service and dedication to education.

Our creative team designed an attractive logo design that was every bit as elegant and attractive as Jackie was, both physically and spiritually. Delicate, swooping curls accented the rich, gold color of the dignified font, representing the identity of the foundation and the legacy of Jackie E. Smith.

“The versatility of the design was clearly represented through the marriage of a strong, noble font with whimsical, artistic accents.”

Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design on card
Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design on tee
Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design on buttons
Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design on candle
Jackie E. Smith Foundation Logo Design on baseball cap


Jackie E. Smith found passion and drive in the Lord and centered her life around His people. Born in Racine, Wisconsin on September 4th, 1942, Jackie lived a full life in service of the Lord before returning to His side on November 21, 2018. Her family sought to memorialize her memory by creating a scholarship program to assist driven, impactful students acquire a quality education. Jackie was survived by her husband of 55 years, Rod Smith, and her three beloved children. She was an impactful member of both her church and community, always lending a helping hand or a listening ear. Her eagerness to spread her faith through prayer, an overly-full heart and passionate missionary spirit lead numerous people to a life following the Lord’s guidance.

Following her passing, her surviving family members sought a way to honor her memory in a way that truly represented her energetic and charitable spirit. After some discussion, it was decided that a scholarship program would best pay homage to her legacy. They reached out to our team to create the custom logo design that would serve as the face of the foundation. An effective branding strategy was paramount to ensure the foundation reached as many underprivileged students as possible.


When designing this custom logo, our creative team wanted to incorporate key colors and themes from Jackie’s life in order to best represent her legacy in an image. Her favorite color was a deep, rich teal, which we incorporated as the background and main color of the design. This logo was created to be displayed on candles, tee shirts, ball caps, postcards, buttons, and as an accent to the centerpiece of their website – a beautiful portrait of Jackie.

The text of the design, “Jackie E. Smith Foundation, EST. 2021” was written in a bright, vibrant gold in order to reflect on Jackie’s richness of life and of faith. We used a slender, serif decorative font known as ‘Desire Pro’ for the text and formatted it in all capital letters to convey the bold mission statement of the foundation. Due to the length of the text in the design, we stacked the text asymmetrically and balanced the left side with the date of establishment.

Letters with a natural curvature, such as L, C, and H, were accented with swirls and curls that carried the eye around the design, aiding in readability and conveying the vibrancy and effervescence of Jackie’s impact on her friends, family and community.