Innovative Logo Design for Youth Mentorship Ministry

“The incorporation of a multi-thematic element within the logo design helped to create a dynamic air without overpowering the integrity of the design.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Youth Mentorship Ministry Logo Design

Tulsa Church requests custom logo design for youth mentorship program

The members of Southern Hills Baptist Church centered themselves within God in this same manner, adopting the Tree of Life as their core theme. They hosted a number of programs for the youth of the church and the community, including choir groups and mentorship programs.

In 2008, their ‘Launch’ group, a youth mentorship program, was in need of a custom, attractive logo design. The design would need to represent the core values of the group while also representing themes from the church throughout.

Our creative team combined signature elements from the church with a visual interpretation of a launch, playing on the Earth’s horizon and the rising sun. Healthy green leaves unite the logo with others from the church, while bold shapes and strong lines establish the spirit and energy of the group. The simplicity of the image and color story provided the final design with both readability and versatility across any platform.

“This logo design conveyed the youthfulness and energy of the youth mentorship ministry and its members.”

Launch Logo Design on Cards
Launch Logo Design on Baseball Cap
Launch Logo Design on Wall Clock
Launch Logo Design on Mug by Matcha Design
Launch Logo Design on Button


Youth mentorship programs are an integral part of the education and enlightenment of youth across the country. When young people involve themselves within the church, they learn how to assess real-world situations in their lives. Peer-to-peer communication, ethics questions, and career development can all be enhanced by faith-based youth groups and mentorship programs.

The tree of life is a central and important theme to the Bible and to Christianity. It was centered within the Garden of Eden to symbolize the closeness of God to humanity. The Launch mentorship program runs for six weeks at a time, focusing on ways the young participants can grow and deepen their faith within God, as the Tree of Life was centered within the garden. The organizers strive to both maintain their existing membership base and attract new members to the program simultaneously. It is crucial to utilize the branding opportunity that comes with a custom, high-quality logo design.


Our creative team understood the importance of centering the message of the tree of life within the logo design. The significance of the logo as an advertising tool required a clear, simple representation of the beliefs and mission of the group and the church as a whole.

The text of the design was formatted in all capital letters and a sharp, futuristic sans serif font. We formatted the ‘A’ to resemble an arrow pointing upward, illustrating two different themes. The arrow points towards God, showing His significance to the group, as well as pointing towards space, indicating how far your faith will Launch within the group. The ‘C’ incorporates the signature vibrant green leaf seen throughout their youth group logo designs, tying in the tree of life and further establishing the theme of growing within the group.

The image of the design acts as a background for the text, starkly contrasting the white of the text with a dark black. These colors can be swapped to appear more clearly on various material colors and types. The image is reminiscent of a dark sun rising over a horizon, which our team represented with a curved, tapered line colored in the same rich green as the leaf. Beneath the horizon, we added a signature message from the mentorship program, “To Know God”. We formatted the letters in all capital letters and the same futuristic font as the rest of the design. This statement balanced the design by rounding out the ‘sun’ and creating a foundation for the rest of the image.