Creative Logo Design for Youth Music Event

“When composing this logo design, our creative team strove to accurately represent the vibrancy, musicality, and faith of the Lifesong group.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Custom Logo Design for Faith-Based Youth Music Event

Oklahoma Church seeks custom, vibrant logo design for youth musical group

When attending a church, one of the first elements that comes to mind is the music. Whether it be produced by a flute, an organ, or an entire choir, music plays a large role in the veneration of the Lord and the spreading of His message.

Riverview Baptist Church has organized and hosted numerous musical events and groups, one of which, known as ‘Lifesong’, is open to youth members of the church and of the community of Bixby. They knew they would require a custom logo design to wear and display during performances to solidify their branding identity and attract new members.

Our creative team designed a bright, colorful brand that incorporated themes of music and worship. An abstract, multicolored piano served as the image of the design, beautifully representing the energy and fluidity of music. We included an artist’s rendition of the Lord’s crown to break up the weight of the image, as well as a vintage microphone into the text to diversify the logo. A splattered, distressed overlay added texture and depth to the logo design, creating a dynamic representation of the energy and mission of the musical group.

“The artistic incorporation of a piano and vintage microphone into the logo design represented the spirit of the Lifesong group in an exciting and engaging way.”

Lifesong Logo Design on card
Lifesong Logo Design on hat
Lifesong Logo Design on tee
Lifesong Logo Design on mug
Lifesong Logo Design on button


The youth of the Lifesong group prided themselves on the quality and inclusivity of their program. Tryouts simply consisted of a placement test to determine individual vocal range and ability. Within a choir, there are four basic positions: bass, tenor, alto, and soprano. These increase respectively in pitch, generally placing boys in one of the lower two positions and girls in the upper two. This dynamic ensures smooth, harmonic sound by using positioning and volume to place emphasis on certain tones and solos.

It was important that the Lifesong program have a high-quality logo design to represent the faith-based themes and energy of both the church and the group. When performing in public, the logo would allow the youth to receive credit for their talents and achievements, as well as advertise and inform interested new members. The design needed to appeal to youth and adults alike and possess a bright, dynamic quality.


During the design process, our creative team took advantage of the vivacity and youth of the members of the group and incorporated it into the logo design. We strove to capture the spirit of the group by adding bright, colorful elements and shapes that create movement. This design is made truly timeless by the color choices and images included, establishing an attractive, well-rounded logo design.

The text of the design was formatted in a rounded, sans serif font and a deep black color. The group name was written in all capital letters to emphasize the text and clearly establish the name. We added a grunge, distressed effect in a sweeping motion across the text to break up the weight of the design and add texture. In place of the ‘O’, we decided to include a depiction of a vintage radio microphone, tilted towards the right, to clearly represent the central theme of the group and move the eye throughout the design.

The imagery of the design was placed above the text, allowing the black letters to act as a solid foundation for the rest of the design. We integrated six sets of vertical bars across the top of the text in all different colors to represent a piano, adding energy and additional movement to the design. Respectively, we used an olive green, a bright reddish-orange, a light, minty blue-green, a cerulean blue, a pumpkin orange, and a light, green tea green, all with between four and eight vertical bars each.

The olive green portion of the piano was situated above the ‘L’ and was taller than the other bars by approximately one-fourth of the height. Above the ‘FE’, we added a rough, black shape. This shape had uneven, splattered edges which created a juxtaposition to similar streaky, white splatter marks beneath the back shape. These splatters extended throughout the colored bars but were centered beneath the black shape. This grungy, distressed look added texture and depth to the design, ensuring it would stand out from the crowd and draw plenty of attention. Within the black shape, we added a white, five-pronged crown. This crown represents the sovereignty and glory of the Lord within the group.