New Heart Fellowship

Edgy Custom Logo Design for Contemporary Church

“This brand development design effortlessly married the concepts of modern, contemporary worship and the pure, unconditional love of Christ, creating a strong, dynamic logo design that represented the core message of the church.”

Type of Work: Brand Development
Sector: Faith
Edgy and Functional Logo Design for Faith-Based Organization

Contemporary Oklahoma Church seeks custom brand identity and development to attract youthful members

New Heart Fellowship is a contemporary church in Broken Arrow, OK. The brand required an identity and logo design that reflected its mission of spreading and teaching a modern worship style.

The rough, distressed energy and strong colors appealed to the senses of younger and older generations alike. Our creative team provided an identity design that was able to serve as both a standalone insignia and a full visual print design. The initials of the fellowship made up the insignia, while the design in its entirety acted as a banner.

We developed a number of marketing materials to assist with the brand development of the fellowship, such as a stationary package, merchandise, and informational pamphlets that continued the modern, rugged theme of the logo design.

“The elegance of the font, coupled with the creativity of the design image, resulted in a refined, understated logo design.”

New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Stationary
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Tees
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Signage
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Brochure
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Brochure
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Signage
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Baseball Cap
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Signage
New Heart Fellowship Brand Development Signage


New Heart Fellowship is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Minutes from downtown Tulsa, they welcome members from all walks of urban and rural life. They center their message in the understanding that every individual possesses a story that matters to the church and to the Lord. The church organizes both local and global outreach and mission programs, changing lives for the better wherever and whenever possible.

In order to provide the greatest impact and assistance for their community and beyond, the fellowship required a high quality custom logo design and brand development. Attracting new members and benefactors is one of the easiest and quickest ways to expand upon a church and its available resources and funding. In 2007, the fellowship decided to reinvent their existing branding and identity designs. They reached out to our team at Matcha Design to create a custom logo, print, and identity design that would inform the public of their mission and vision, drawing in as many new patrons as possible.


Our creative team understood the importance of infusing the youth and energy of the New Heart Fellowship within the designs and logo created for them. We strove to incorporate their signature verses, such as KJV Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me”, within the various materials we developed. Through the creation of a brochure, print design, merchandise, and stationary package, our team established an attractive, representative brand identity that was sure to interest new members and excite existing attendees.

When creating the logo design, we decided to include a monogram visual as well as a textual logo. This provided the opportunity for the image to stand alone as an identifying insignia, or as a component of the full logo design that enhanced the overall flow and appearance of the logo. For the monogram image, we tilted the ‘NH’ and enclosed it within a red box, creating both dynamic movement and an upward gesture towards the Lord. The letters were formatted in a bold, sans serif font and all in uppercase. The letters themselves were visible through the use of white space, as they are ‘cut out’ of the center of the red box and take on the color of the background. We added a rugged effect to the solidness of the text and box, creating the illusion of wear and distress through the image and throughout the entirety of the logo design.

The text of the logo, ‘New Heart’, was designed in the same font and uppercase format as the image of the design and was distressed in the same manner. In order to create contrast and highlight important features, we colored the word ‘Heart’ in the same vibrant red hue as the image. The word ‘New’ could be displayed in a number of different colors, depending on the main color of the display materials. The versatility of the design allowed for no shortage of available display media and colors, as the logo could easily be adjusted to conform to any desired color.

We designed a brochure for New Heart Fellowship, incorporating their new logo design and mission statement throughout the work. We used an aged, discolored paper design as the base of the brochure, scoring the edges to give the paper an energy similar to that of an old treasure map. This weathered design reinforced the contemporary nature of the church and their mission, while also creating an edgy, dynamic stationary medium to pique the interest of potential recipients and establishing a memorable connection with them. Centered on the front of the brochure was a cross, illuminated by the light of the sun and radiating the sun’s light outward and onward. The black silhouettes of a group of worshipers, arms outstretched towards the cross, bathe in the radiance of the light of the cross. We added subtle colors and paint splatters throughout the brochure to add youthful energy and enhance the aged appearance of the paper.

Other brand materials developed for New Heart Fellowship included a stationary package, designed to replicate the stylistic distress and wear used to accent the paper of the brochure, as well as merchandise and official signage. We designed a number of different tee shirt and hoodie designs, incorporating a rainbow of shirt colors while maintaining the same youthful spirit and distressed appearance throughout. The New Heart Fellowship also requested interior and exterior signage to adorn their sanctuary, fellowship hall, and other common areas around the buildings of the church.