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Integrated Logo Design for Local Church’s Sunday School Youth Ministry

“The incorporation of a signature element within the various youth group logo designs enhances the common theme of the church and creates a simple, cohesive experience.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Sleek Logo Design for Baptist Church’s Youth Sunday School

Oklahoma Baptist Church seeks custom logo design for youth Sunday school ministry

The fellowship of Southern Hills Baptist Church focused their mission of teaching discipleship by hosting groups and programs for the youth of the church and of the community. Their central theme, the Tree of Life, led them to strive to enrich the relationship that each attendee already had or was developing with the Lord.

The church decided to rejuvenate their existing logo series for their youth programs, one of which was their Rev Sunday morning youth program. The church knew they required a custom, high-quality logo design that would emanate the energy and passion of the members of the ministry. Our final design was featured in Peleg Top’s collection of “The Best Logos From Around The Globe”, a book known as Logolicious.

Our creative team developed an artistically symbolic logo design that incorporated key elements from the nature of the group and the church. The signature bright green leaves of Southern Hills Baptist Church within a circular shape represented the church and the name of the ministry. The use of a simple color story and contrast provided the design with depth and versatility.

“The simple yet symbolic nature of the logo design created a dynamic, layered design that thoroughly and artistically represented the members of the youth ministry and the church.”

Rev Logo Design on Baseball Cap
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The Revolution youth program was available on Sunday mornings in the traditional place of a Sunday School class. The youth met in the youth wing of the church, where the mission of the program was to ‘Rev up’ the faith of the youth and excite them for the morning or worship ahead. They build on principles of discipleship in order to spread their message throughout the youth of the church and of the community.

The church understood the importance of the positive influence of the Lord upon the youth of the church and the community. A Sunday morning group dedicated to themes and issues relevant to the daily lives of the youth helped to establish an understanding, faith-based relationship with the Earth and its components. A representative logo design would allow for a custom branding opportunity when members attended school and other popular youth events.


Our creative team wanted to incorporate thematic elements from both the church and the youth group when engineering this design. The core design of the church’s logo and mission is the Tree of Life, which the Lord centered within the Garden of Eden to illustrate his closeness to humanity.

The image of the design was an off-centered black circle that encompassed a smaller, asymmetricalwhite outline. The bottom of the white circle tapered from the mid right of the circle counter clockwise to the lower right of the circle, ending below a white outline of an open book. This book symbolizes the Bible and how it is centered within the group.

The Bible also acts as an underline for the text of the logo, a simple sans serif font that has been formatted in all lowercase letters. The text is also colored in white, creating a common color story between the various youth group logos. Our color choice also allows for a simple and easy color flip in order to transition the logo design between various colors and material types.

To the left of the text, we incorporated what has come to be Southern Hills Baptist Church’s signature leaf emblem. These leaves serve a dual symbolic purpose, tying the Tree of Life, the central theme of the church, into the center of the design. These leaves also represent the life and growth that occurs within the group for prospective youth members.