Updated Logo Design for Creative Blog

“Scrapallier’s brand design draws on the content of the blog and tells the story of how scrapbooking has evolved as an art form in the digital age.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Inclusive Logo Design for Creative Media Company

Scrapbooking Blog Scrapallier Uses Their New Logo Design to Enhance Their Branding

Scrapallier, a scrapbooking blog that started in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2008, wanted to create a logo for their blog that reflected the way scrapbooking has changed and improved in the digital age. They reached out to us at Matcha Design, because they know that we are experts in marrying beautiful design to compelling narratives to create unique logos that stand the test of time.

“Creating a logo is more than just creating something beautiful. When we created Scrapallier’s logo, we were developing their brand’s voice.”

Scrapallier Business Card Design
Scrapallier Logo Design on Tote Bag
Scrapallier Logo Design on Tee Shirt
Scrapallier Logo Design on Mug
Scrapallier Logo Design on Pillow by Matcha Design


There were a few challenges in creating Scrapallier’s logo design. We wanted to create a design that did not pigeonhole scrapbooking as an art form that is just for old ladies. We wanted to emphasize that scrapbooking is for everyone. We also wanted to create a design that could be adapted for many different purposes, including mugs, tote bags, and business cards. Finally, we wanted to use our design to tell potential customers specifically that Scrapallier was a scrapbooking blog, not a scrapbooking store. We had lots of ideas to incorporate, but we wanted to make sure that the logo did not look too busy.


In order to balance all of our client’s needs, we started by thinking about the color palette. We knew that because we had a lot of graphic elements to incorporate, the color palette should be simple, classy, and high contrast. This is why we decided to use deep raspberry and mocha colors on a very light blue background. Some of our embellishments were lighter orange. We chose this color so that they would not compete with the text and they could fade into the background. We also used a simple font so that the logo would be legible and stand out from the embellishments. When we chose our embellishments, we were careful to incorporate both elements of classic scrapbooking and images from contemporary digital scrapbooking. By incorporating paper clips, the shapes of classic scrapbook punches, scissors, and a camera, we emphasized the elements of analog scrapbooking. In order to invoke newer digital scrapbooking tools, we added a cursor and some flourishes that people like to copy and paste onto their pages.

This design was published in “Logolicious” by Peleg Top and “Basics Logos” by Index Books, and it received the silver award at the 2010 SIAAwards for Logo Design.


Service Industry Advertising Awards 2010 Silver Winner