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New Logo Design for Law Firm

“Creating a brand identity for a law firm is a unique and high-stakes challenge. You have to create a logo design that inspires trust, without making the law firm appear inaccessible and unrelatable.”

Brand Identity and Logo Development for Law Firm

Tulsa Law Firm Commissions New Logo Design to Support Brand Development and Enhance Brand Identity

Sullivent & Associates is a law firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was founded in 2004 by Tom Sullivent, and he is one of our oldest clients. We have had the privilege to assist Mr. Sullivent through multiple changes in his firm branding as they update their focuses and as the structure of the firm changes. There have been a few different iterations of the logo design, which all reflected different stages in the firm’s journey.

In this specific project, Mr. Sullivent wanted to create a logo that reflected both the stability of his firm and their creativity when it comes to legal issues. Mr. Sullivent also wanted to create a design that hearkened back to the beautiful and storied history of law in the United States without appearing stuffy.

“When designing a logo for a law firm, color is of utmost importance. Just like marble columns on a bank facade convey financial stability and trust, the colors of a logo indicate to a potential customer the personality of a firm.”

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With this client, the biggest challenge was balancing professionalism and creativity. The client wanted something that looked classic and that would age well. However, they also did not want their branding to look old.


Our solution to this issue was all about contrast. We used contrasting colors and the contrast between the sharp A and the flowing S to create a balanced logo that reflected the unique story of our client and helped them build a strong brand identity. By marrying the flowing shape of the S with the stability of the A in the logo, we were able to create a great logo design that emphasized both stability and flexibility. Color was also an important decision in our design process. We chose blue, which is a classic color that is often used to represent the legal color as the main color of our design. However, we also chose to include orange as our contrasting color. Although orange may seem surprising because it is a little less stoic than blue, it is actually a complementary color, which we are using to represent the firm’s flexibility and fresh approach. At Matcha Design, we are proud of the positive impact that this new logo had on the Sullivent & Associates’ brand identity. Our client was very satisfied with the outcome of this project, and felt that the design reflected their personality as a firm.