Toys on Wings

Logo Design for Non-Profit Providing Travel for Underprivileged Families with Disabled Children

“Our design team strove to represent the youth and excitement of the children of the organization, while also appealing to prospective beneficiaries as an effective branding tool.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Travel Non-Profit Logo Design

Canadian Children’s Charity seeks custom logo design for brand identity

Toys on Wings was a federal nonprofit organization based out of Ontario, Canada. This charity was established in 2005 to benefit underprivileged families of children with disabilities. Many disabilities inhibit a child’s ability to travel via commercial airlines, and alternative methods of transportation can prove too costly to manage.

Their mission is to brighten the lives of impoverished families with the vacation of a lifetime – a trip to Walt Disney World via private jet. Upon their establishment, Toys on Wings knew they needed a custom logo design that would represent the spirit and wonder of both the children and the organization.

Our creative team designed a bright, colorful logo that conveyed every bit of the joy and excitement felt by the young beneficiaries of the organization. The illustrated logo design was attractive to children and parents alike, branding the organization as a friend to all children.

“The illustration at the center of the logo design conveys the promise made to disabled, underprivileged Canadian children and their families, brightening lives with incredible gifts of generosity and compassion.”

Toys on Wings Logo Design on Hat
Toys on Wings Logo Design on Balloon
Toys on Wings Logo Design on Tee
Toys on Wings Logo Design on Hand Sanitizer
Toys on Wings Logo Design on Tote


Toys on Wings began with a mission to positively impact the lives of as many children and families as possible. They were granted this opportunity by the Canadian government when they received their charity license, as the government recognized the importance of a quality vacation to underprivileged families. Because many families with disabled children were unable to travel on commercial airlines, any sort of destination vacation was simply not an option.

The Toys on Wings charity wanted a custom logo design that would signify the energy and youthfulness of the children and families involved in the organization. They understood the importance of effective branding in order to reach as many potential supporters and benefactors as possible. Without assistance and contributions from generous parties, the operation of the charity would not be possible.


Our creative team realized the importance of a bright, youthful logo and simple, colorful design to appeal to the children of the Toys on Wings nonprofit organization. We strove to represent the major components of the organization itself to solidify the charity’s brand identity and establish a known mission statement and goal.

The centerpiece of the logo was an illustrated toy jet airplane in a bright, vibrant red. We accentuated the lighter areas of the airplane in white, such as the glass dome, nose, and edges of the wings to accent edges and break up the design. The text, “Toys on Wings,” was formatted with a simple, sans serif font in a dark, vivid blue. We wrote the name of the organization in all capital letters to allow the name of the organization to stand out against the other aspects of the design. Between the text and the airplane, we added a thick, primary yellow half circle to add space between the imagery and text of the design. This line both underlined the text and created a shape reminiscent of a sun to add brightness and energy to the logo. Within the text, between the ‘Toys’ and ‘on Wheels’ we added a maple leaf in the same vibrant red as the airplane to create unity and signify Canada as the country of the organization’s foundation and operation.

Our final creative design was featured in a collection of works available at HarperCollins. Market Smart: The Best in Age and Lifestyle Design featured this design in a 2009 book that highlighted benchmark designs within age- and lifestyle-specific fields of branding, such as children’s store, events, and charities. They aim to recognize revolutionary companies who provide high-quality, custom work to age-, gender-, or lifestyle-specific companies across the globe.