Edgy Logo Update for Youth Ministry

“We strove to effectively represent the spirit, energy, and faith of the members of the youth group through every detail of this captivating design.”

Type of Work: Logo Design
Sector: Faith
Creative Logo Refresh for Youth Ministry Program

Energetic youth group requests custom logo design symbolic of the spirit of their group

The First Assembly of God Church, located in Okmulgee, OK, sought out a unique, energetic logo design that accurately represented the passion and commitment of their youth group. This youth ministry strove to glorify God and follow His path in life.

The ‘Vertigo’ youth group wanted to update their existing logo with a new, custom design that was just as edgy and youthful as they were. This logo would serve as a marketing tool when the youth attended both religious and unsanctioned events.

Our creative team utilized bright, vibrant colors and a custom font that allowed the name of the group to be synonymous with the image of the design itself. The vivacity and spirit of the group was clearly represented through every aspect of the design process, providing the youth group with an attractive, memorable logo design that was sure to draw the attention of potential attendees.

“The color and energy of the design created an attractive marketing venue and brand for the youth group.”

Vertigo Logo Design on tee
Vertigo Logo Design on baseball cap
Vertigo Logo Design on wall
Vertigo Logo Design on poster
Vertigo Logo Design on cards


One of the most important aspects of a youth group is its brand identity; what they stand for, what they believe, and what they represent. The members of the First Assembly of God Church’s youth group, known as Vertigo, were constantly striving to attract as many new members as possible to the youth group and to the church, as it was imperative to have a large following in order to maximize their service and positive impact within their community of Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

With a vibrant, standout logo, they hoped to take advantage of a creative branding opportunity as well as provide a unified look for the youth at events and functions. Many youth groups rely on events in the community such as fundraisers and vacation bible schools in order to attract potential new members, and a custom designed logo can allow them the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


When composing the logo design, our creative team decided on a vibrant, almost lime green as the primary color. This hue represented the youthfulness, energy, and charisma of the youth group and melded well with their existing identity design. This color was used for all of the letters in the designs except for one, which was a stark white to create contrast.

The main portion of the design was made up of the word ‘Vertigo’, chosen to symbolize the transitions of faith from Earth to Heaven. The letter ‘t’ in the word Vertigo was selected to contrast in white, signifying the cross and representing that Christ and faith stood at the center of their beliefs. All of the letters except for the ‘t; and ‘i’ were capitalized to create a bold statement, and the text was written in an italicized, sans serif font.

The text itself was designed in a rough, sketchy manner, as if the word was written over itself several times. Each letter varied in thickness as if painted or drawn on, melding with the youthful, edgy spirit behind the group. This custom, graphic font aided to the appeal and versatility of the logo, providing the church with a succinct, engaging design that served as both an image and an insignia.