From A Good Designer To A Great Designer – Secrets To Quickly Becoming One

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

From A Good Designer To A Great Designer

Designers are responsible for finding solutions. All that observation and listening would be wasted if it didn’t lead to a solution. When a designer has a goal or an objective, he or she is designing a solution to an existing problem.

In most cases, they should be designing solutions for problems people are willing to pay money for. If a design doesn’t solve a problem, it’s often considered a weak design. Great designers find solutions.

Becoming a web designer or graphic designer is unlocking one of the most challenging, enjoyable and fun jobs you can ever have. After all, you are creating websites and other designs that potentially millions of people will see, use and enjoy.

There are simple, elegant and important secrets that you can use to fulfill your career and have a better, more productive life as a designer.

Always Do your Best:

There is no substitute for quality. You should always strive to do the best job possible on each of your projects. You never want to deliver a project without having given it your best shot. Good quality translates into building a great reputation which brings you more work.

Learn from the Best:

There are new, powerful designs being created every day. By keeping up with what your competition is doing, you are becoming inspired to reach your own goals as well. While you may create a new style, trend or develop a new technique, it pays to see what the best in your field are doing so you can stay in tune with the times.

Find a Partner:

Having someone there to look at your work and give it an honest critique can mean a great deal to improve the quality of what you do. Find a fellow designer to show your work to and you’ll avoid potential pitfalls and improve your work tremendously.

Find a Niche:

If there is a particular field within the industry, become one of the best at it. It’s a lot easier to be the best at something 100 people do rather than 1 million. So find an area to specialize in and work to be the best possible.

When in Doubt, Copy & Expand:

When you are stuck with a bind in the design process. Pick a design solution that is already working and add your personal touch to it. It might feel this is cheapening your skills, but the truth is that many designers are hired to do what the “competition” has done. For example, Amazon created the Prime video business by mimicking Netflix’s success, which was inspired by Hulu.

Use Original Materials When Possible:

How many times have you seen the same graphics or even images on different websites? Probably more times than you can imagine so to set yourself apart collect as much new materials as possible for your work. A new set of images different from everyone else can be your ticket to getting noticed.

Blog and Network:

You can’t grow locked inside a shell, so go ahead and join blogging groups of your piers and share your ideas with them.

Always Strive to Improve:

As you grow older and more experienced, it’s easy to slack off and rely on old designs. Fighting this urge and always doing your best will pay off in the long run.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment:

If you think a new technique might work better, than do it. It’s better to take chances than become part of the crowd.

Love What You Do:

Let’s face it, being a web designer or graphic designer is not easy and if your heart is not in it then you won’t go very far. Love your profession and it will love you back.

Great designer’s understand an overall product vision and can translate roadmap into features and features into deliverables seamlessly. They think holistically about the product, bringing a single, long term view and consistency to the brand while merging that with daily decisions about individual user stories and journeys. They feed their thinking into the roadmap while sweating pixels. They know some work is waterfall and some is agile, and that is the nature of design.

Great designers believe in the quality of the product, the quality of the brand, the quality of the experience and never let those standards slip. They never relent on improving their own abilities – both creatively and in how they work with others. They proactively look to get out of their comfort zone. They look to constraints and challenges for ways to inspire creativity. They don’t take no for an answer, but understand the value of “not quite yet”. Great designers know they are not great, but are always looking to get there.

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