Relationship Building Perfect For SEO

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Relationship Building Perfect For SEO

Without off page optimization your chances of achieving a good ranking for your pages are poor. This is because off-page optimization is all about the inbound links you get for your website, making link building a sought after factor.

There are many techniques of link building out there and what is important is that after all of the initial SEO work is complete; the website owners have an idea on how they can continue good traffic to their site.

The best way they can do this? Build relationships.

Getting your website and business out there on the internet is the basic part of SEO as the internet is all about relationships. No website can be seen hiding away from the light so you need to be out there for all to see. Blogs, forums, media contacts and developing a social media marketing campaign are all factors website owners can do to build relationships on the internet. The aim of the relationships is mainly to get a link straight away. It is vital to remember not to stop building relationships and only constant participation can help you to keep building links to your website.

By making the effort with building relationships online, the effect could be a decent number of inbound links. If your first efforts succeed straight away then chances are by maintaining these relationships you will continue with the same results or better them. If you want the links to keep coming in, you will need to continue your participation. Need more information or even a help guide then visit our website and email or call our team who will be more than happy to provide help or point you in the right direction.

How Does It Relate to SEO

You have a lot to offer to other departments. Most of them operate on a very simple basis, their sole task is to bring money to the company. What they often miss is that by helping you they can increase their chances of doing just that.


Despite often being perceived as part of sales operations, SEO is more of a branding and communications channel. And online visibility is a massive aspect of building a brand. Being found by potential customers, not only in organic search but also local listings and other SERPs elements is crucial for building a strong online brand.


Today SEO is more than thing that one would typically associate with it in the past – h1 tags, meta tags or links. Many tasks that used to be outside of SEOs realm are now an integral part of the typical search mix – social signals, reputation management, user experience, co citations and more, many of which stem straight from marketing. Not to mention an invaluable data and customer insights you can provide marketing department with. All in all, SEO is an integral part of a typical marketing mix and luckily more companies start to realize this now.


A lot has been said on how PR can be used for SEO. However, the relationship is bilateral. PR can benefit a lot from SEO:

  • Thanks, to keyword research and other data, SEO can help savvy PR people to understand the language online audiences use to communicate about their products, services or company. This is an invaluable knowledge that can be used to improve the efficiency of their work.
  • Relationships with bloggers and online media – Most SEOs develop some relationships with bloggers, online influencers and more. Be it through Twitter or personal contacts, you do know people in the industry. Needless to say, these are invaluable contacts PR could leverage in their work.
  • Customer reviews – quite often a result of your work are increasingly becoming part of the company’s PR.

Sales People

Most sales people don’t perceive SEO as something they can benefit from. Sure, the company most likely sees it as a sales channel but to individual salesperson all you do is probably stealing her bonus. Yet, most sales people overlook that SEO provides an important reference point and exposure for them. Their prospects coming across your company or product online, be it through organic search, local listings or content marketing is a result of your work. And all of this only adds to the authority of a company and a sales person behind it.

Web Developers

Is web developers approach to SEO a running meme? No, well it should be. Even though web people might not have that much to gain financially from what you do, they have a lot to gain. Let’s face it, even a well coded website means nothing if it gets no visitors. Web traffic might be an obvious thing to developers – something that, in their eyes, happens by itself – there are people behind driving visitors to the site.

SEO is an important part of overall company’s strategy and should be treated as one.

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