Laflin Investigative Group

Website Design for a Private Investigation Organization in Oklahoma

“Long-time client, Laflin, needed an updated web design to meet modern technological advances and incorporate their new services. We suggested a total revamp of their website, and got to work on brand messaging, content, and visuals.”

Type of Work: Copywriting | Web Design

Private investigative group seeks updated web design and branding to effectively serve clients.

Laflin is a private investigative agency dedicated to performing efficient and affordable private investigations for clients of all types. With over 30 years of private investigative experience on their team, Laflin is Oklahoma’s #1 private investigation agency. They wanted a new website that would draw customers to their site with its design.

Laflin is one of our longest client relationships. In 2009, we first developed a beautiful and effective multi-page website showcasing its services, testimonials, contact information, and payment portal all in one place. The original website helped them increase their engagement and won multiple awards, but it was time for a modern update.

Laflin experienced a lot of growth since our first project with many years ago, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with them as they continue to grow!

“This web design project involved technical, content, and design updates, including logo and branding improvements. We also provided an individual web lesson to show Laflin how to post blogs and perform basic website maintenance to ensure a long-lasting website.”

Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design
Laflin Investigative Group Website Design by Matcha Design


Laflin’s private investigation agency needed an intuitive, well-designed, and engaging website that displays what they do. They wanted an “About Us” page, testimonials, a blog, and even a payment portal on their website. We were more than up for the challenge.

We originally designed Laflin’s website for them in 2009. At that time, we designed their brand identity, website, and ads. We created a highly effective website that earned them two coveted awards: the Davey Award & an SIA Award! We incorporated the brand’s colors into the web pages to create an elegant yet impactful style with an easy-to-navigate interface.

As the years passed, though, the Laflin website began to approach its end-of-life (EOL). A website’s end-of-life occurs when technology advances beyond what the website’s code can adapt to. Eventually, the responsiveness and loading times slow down.  Additionally, things also changed within Laflin itself. The industry climate has shifted and the company introduced brand-new services.

It was evident, with all of the changes in the industry and the aging Laflin website, that it was time for an update.

We worked closely with Laflin’s team to determine the best website design update approach. After a year-long assessment, we agreed that it was best to completely revamp the website from the ground up using WordPress as the base. We would update the website to suit modern technological advancements and make some necessary changes to the company’s brand identity.


Our creative team knew it was important to not only bring the website technology up-to-date but to also showcase Laflin’s modern brand identity. Laflin’s brand identity is one of its greatest assets and strengths. Since we provide consultation services for every aspect of design, we also updated the website’s logo and color scheme to reflect the changes the company has undergone over the years.

Photos play a huge role in the visual impact of a website. However, Tulsa isn’t a big city like New York City or Dallas. So, we needed to think outside of the box to find original, impactful photos for Laflin and the context of its site. We took photos from our own personal library of Tulsa street photos and applied them to this project. This added a personal and standout touch.

While rebranding and redesigning the website aesthetically went smoothly from start to finish, we ran into some issues when launching their website using their existing hosting company. Bringing an old website onto a new hosting platform can be especially challenging, so it’s not unheard of to face obstacles. But, our team persevered, overcoming the many hurdles that we faced when working with an older site.

We maintained the intuitive navigation bar from the site’s original design but incorporated even more useful links. Adding a link to the FAQ and a handy online payment portal on the top bar makes Laflin’s website a one-stop-shop for both existing dedicated customers and curious new visitors.

To help Laflin keep their website up and running in its optimal state, we held a one-on-one web conference with them. During this conference, we showed them around the new website, showed them how to update and upload blog posts, and explained how to complete basic maintenance.

Our experienced design team enjoys giving clients a visual representation of their brand, and that’s what we did with Laflin’s new site and branding updates. We enjoyed continuing our longstanding partnership with Laflin  to improve their online visibility with a technically sound and revamped website.