Sales Kick-Off Campaign 101

Monday, January 1st, 2024

Sales Kick-Off Campaign 101

Are you part of a mid-sized company or a corporation, and do you wish more leads and sales were walking through your door? If so, there’s a way to fix that! It’s time to put together a Sales Kick Off Campaign.
Not sure how it works? We’ll walk you through it.

What Is A Sales Kick Off Campaign?

A Sales Kick Off Campaign (or SKO) is usually an annual event put on by companies, usually anywhere from mid-sized to enterprise corporations, to energize sales teams, get the growth team on the same page for the coming year, and give employees a chance to bond with each other in person. Though in-person SKOs are more common, virtual SKOs gained popularity during the pandemic.

Planning a Sales Kick Off Campaign

Because it’s an annual event, a Sales Kick Off campaign typically involves a lot of planning and coordination to pull it off properly. More goes into it than you might think!

Here are some of the things to plan for:

  • Create a goal. Are you launching a product, setting targets, or motivating the team?
  • Choose a venue. Consider how many people will be there and the operational budget.
  • Pick a fun theme for it. Read the room when choosing a creative theme or a basic one.
  • Prepare materials/decorations. Make it visually appealing (or get a designerto help)!
  • Decide what you want for the agenda. Include keynotes/product demos/team building.
  • Coordinate a guest speaker. This is not mandatory, but it can help with buy-in a lot.
  • Figure out the logistics. Consider catering, transportation, and lodging for attendees.
  • Invite guests. Send invitations to execs, stakeholders, and, of course, the sales team.
  • Rehearse. Be sure to practice and go over everyone’s roles so it goes smoothly for all.

Once the event is over, be sure to follow up and see what you can do better the following year.

Tip: it’s a great idea to keep a running list of issues attendees and speakers run into at the event so that you can refer to it the following year. This will prevent you from forgetting!

Advantages of a Sales Kick Off Campaign

When a SKO is done properly, there are a ton of advantages, including:

  • Goal alignment. Getting on the same page is easier when you’re in the same place.
  • A boost in morale. Celebrate the year’s wins and equip the team for the coming year.
  • Training opportunities. Breakout sessions enable team members to learn and grow.
  • Better company culture. Team-building activities foster a feeling of togetherness.
  • More productivity. Well-informed employees are better employees– so teach them!
  • Networking. Working together helps create a more collaborative company environment.

Tip: many companies feel that Sales Kick Off meetings work well in-person, as it enables face-to-face contact.

Even if your company is fully remote, it could be helpful to host a SKO in-person because it gives your team a chance to meet one another. If you do this, take care when planning logistics, as it will be considerably more difficult to fly your employees cross-country!

Who Should Plan It?

There are several planners (and different departments) involved with the planning of a Sales Kick Off campaign, including:

  • Vendors. Event vendors can come in many forms: they can be affiliated with the facility itself, promote products or services, assist with giveaways, or be your guest speakers.
  • Marketing teams. Since Marketing handles a vital part of the Sales funnel, it’s important to get them in on the action as well.
  • Company leadership. Executives will typically give the presentations, reporting on the progress within (and goals of) the organization.
  • Outside creatives. Depending on the scope of the event, there are multiple aspects to consider – from booth design to slideshow presentations and printed handouts. Getting an award-winning design team involved can make a huge difference in impact!

Who Should Be At A Sales Kick Off Meeting?

Your entire sales team, of course! A SKO without sales is like a sandwich without bread. It doesn’t work without the involvement, interest, and input from Sales.

Of course, stakeholders, executives, and the rest of the growth team, including Marketing, can and/or should be involved as well.

What Happens At A Sales Kick Off Meeting?

We’ve already briefly covered what happens at a Sales Kick Off meeting, but let’s zoom into the finer details. First, a quick note: be sure to build in plenty of breaks to your meeting so that your team isn’t rushing from one event to the next, and can give their time, energy, and focus toward learning without zoning out or burning out.

Sample Sales Kick Off Meeting Agenda – Day One

Welcome/overview: It’s happening in the morning, so why not grab everyone’s attention by offering free food the first day of the event? The host can discuss the schedule and get the team pumped up over french toast, crepes, and hashbrowns. Or toast and jam, if that’s your jam.

Your sales, wrapped: Every year, Spotify releases details about listeners’ listening trends over the past year. Try to make your year in review as engaging as possible. Cover the stats, personal stories, highlights and lowlights, product development, and more.

Breakout sessions: Training is an indispensable part of keeping your sales team sharp. Break into small groups for specific skill-oriented training. Think about sending a syllabus or brochure of the options available so guests can feel comfortable with the subject matter.

Lunchtime: Again, free food is awesome. For an extra thoughtful touch, ask your attendees ahead of time if they have any dietary restrictions, and plan to make accommodations. The more comfortable they feel, the more prone they’ll be to mingle and interact with other guests.

Marketing report: The Head of Marketing can go over what their department is doing to generate more leads, and ultimately, more sales for the company. This portion can also discuss shared initiatives between the two departments or future opportunities to cooperate.

Team building: Choose from a variety of team-building activities to help your team get to know each other better. You can give them a special sales spin if you’d like, but remember – not everything needs to be sales-oriented for it to be a success!

Product review: Brainstorming how to position and talk about your products is a great way to get on the same page about promoting the new offerings – and the ideas can be recorded or jotted down in case you want to revisit them in the future.

Dinner: Three meals is not nearly enough for some, but it’ll have to suffice for this event. (Besides, if you offered second breakfast and elevenses, it could get really expensive!)

Matcha Design Is Here To Help

Just because a designer doesn’t talk much about Sales Kick Off campaigns doesn’t mean they haven’t helped with one! Hint – they’re usually confidential, which is why we don’t go into a ton of detail about the ones we’ve been involved with.

Want someone experienced in helping with Sales Kick Off campaigns? We’re happy to help. Contact us today for help with your next SKO!

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