Make Me a Simple Design

Monday, April 24th, 2023

Make Me a Simple Design

Here is the thing, if you work in the design industry for a while, you often hear the request “just make me a simple design. Nothing fancy.”

Of course, quality design can be simple to the eye. Professional designers know how to leverage negative space, and ensure the design does not overwhelm the viewer. It’s understandable that a client wouldn’t want a busy or cluttered design.

But that’s rarely what they mean when they request “something simple.”

On the contrary, a “simple design” to a non-designer often means something fast and cheap.

It’s true, quick, inexpensive design options exist. You can request them and you can get them. But that doesn’t mean they will be good. That doesn’t mean they’ll propel your brand.

Let’s take a closer look.

Brands Asking for Simple Design

While it may not always be the case, many times when a client asks for “something simple, nothing fancy” they mean a bare-bones design. It’s often a way to try to get a less expensive design. In some cases, time may also be a factor.

It’s understandable why clients would seek out a more affordable solution. Hiring a designer for digital products can quickly add up.

For example, professional web design generally costs between $100 and $5000 according to Forbes estimates. Consider if you also need logo design, brand development, advertising, etc. The range is quite large. Paying on the higher ends for each means that costs quickly add up, and they can be exorbitant for smaller/newer companies.

The Downside of “Simple Designs”

Technically, “simple designs” exist. These don’t refer to designs that leverage negative space correctly. They basically are designs that are cheap because they exclude many features.

Let’s specifically consider a “simple” website design. What’s the risk of opting for “nothing fancy” when it comes to a website design or redesign.

Unprofessional Look

Hiring a cheap web designer under the guise of “simple design” will often yield an unprofessional-looking website. You’re more likely to end up with a site that has a tacky or generic layout, clunky navigation, slow loading speed, and other unprofessional aspects.

This is a horrible look for any business, and it can greatly impact you for a long time. Cheap web design won’t provide the best user experience, and therefore will struggle to rank on search engines. Not to mention, it’s unlikely that such a design even adheres to core SEO principles. In the end, you’ll have wasted money on a site that doesn’t represent your brand well.

Reduced Functionality

Regardless of the “look” of a cheap design, functionality is a concern. Even if by chance it does provide the look you desire, it’s unlikely to have the complete functionality you need. For website design, cheap designers use free templates that offer minimal customization. You will get a generic website that may not have all of the features you need.

Cheap vs Affordable Designs

Design is an investment. While cost is an important factor, there’s a clear difference between cheap and affordable designs. Cheap design offers a low initial cost, but also includes grandiose false promises, outdated practices, and overall low quality.

Affordable design service, on the other hand, pays for itself in the end by helping you generate more revenue. The designers give you a realistic picture of what you can expect and customize the design completely to meet your needs. It includes modern SEO practices and a high-quality finished product.

In the end, cheap designs exist. They often masquerade as “simple designs” or “nothing fancy.” it’s certainly possible to get a very cheap design fast. But will this be good for your business? Most likely not.

Your business is the one that suffers in the long run with cheap design. While you save money upfront, you paid for a product that didn’t serve your goals. You must either suffer with a low-quality design, or pay AGAIN to correct it. The best option is to choose quality design services from the beginning. Yes, they may cost more upfront, but the return on investment they provide to your business is much higher.

Good Design is Right Around the Corner

The best design companies will help you work within your budget without sacrificing quality. It’s tempting to turn to cheap designers for “something simple,” but this will end up costing you more in the long run.

Instead, turn to Matcha Design for all of your design and branding needs. Our experienced Tulsa design team offers a complete suite of design services, including website design, brand development, logo design, motion graphics, and more. Let’s chat about your design needs and how we can help you get a high-quality design that offers the best ROI for your business. Contact our design experts to get started today.

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